It’s a balmy 17 degrees out here and no snow. That’s okay since last year I spent my 30 days of leave shoveling snow almost the entire time.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Chistmas and hope you have a great holiday.

It also happens to be my young cousin’s sweet 16th birthday. She gets double presents and I have no idea where this nonsense comes from. For her birthday present I am going to walk with her to school and the first young man that speaks to her gets punched dead in the teeth. Thoughtful, I know.

Normally on Christmas we eat all types of food awfully bad for us and spend the afternoon lounging around the house in a stupor. The first one who actually lapses into a sugar induced coma is considered the winner.

I have also begun a holiday tradition with my teenage cousins where we watch zombie horror films all night and I send them home alone in the dark. This is holiday family fun without a doubt.


Santa’s favorite 1stSgt
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  1. I would love to see you and the paunchy belly after all the good eats, Mike.

    Sounds like you are having a great time with your family and I wish you even better times with them.

    We are having a heat wave here in Georgia at 48 degrees with a sprinkle of rain.

    Take care, AFS!

  2. Top,
    Did you mean 17 degrees F, or C?
    It’s so nice you have a 16 year to protect…good thing I didn’t have daughters—there would have been a lot of young men with broken bones in the path.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy the freedom. my $50,000 questions is: Should I do one more deployment before I retire from the Guard?

  3. Janna, I’m drinking whatever I want to! You guys have fun out there!

    Southern, likewise. Let’s hope for a zombie free season.

    Coffee, I have never, ever, developed a paunchy belly. Although, if I stayed around here and continued to consume choc chip cookies at a cyclic rate I just might.

    CI Roller, degrees of course. We’re Americans. As for deployments well, just ask yourself if you want to go through all that again and if the squeeze is worth the juice then I say go for it.

  4. Merry Christmas! Well, the zombie movie night should probably be balanced by a night of 50’s musicals –after which they can go home and sing Oklahoma! at inopportune times.

    Hope this finds you safe, warm and happy, and not yet in a sugar induced coma!

  5. “and you pushed me over the edge”

    Nope – wasnt’ me – I’m sure I can find an alibi.. Erm… Can I plead the Fifth if it’s not actually *my* constitution I’m quoting?

    Sillyness aside I hope that your Christmas was a Joyful one (or at least full of Caffiene)


  6. A1S,

    The Day after…

    I don’t know about you but I had so much on my plate that my brand new dress trousers felt like they needed to be let out[should have worn sweats like last year].
    I kinda looked like the turkey that got the stuffin shove you know where and was trying to make the ‘Great Escape’.
    So after I slowly left the dining room I lucked out and found a nice com-fee recliner and proceed not to give it up for at least 2 hours.
    Someone said I was snore-ing! Very un-gentle-man-ly of him if you ask me[wrinkled nose and squishy eyes].
    Oh and if someone wanted me to move before I quit being a well fed snake, then they were just going to have to go find the wheel barrow out in the garage. [lol]

    I hope you weren’t the one ‘low-crawlin’ from the dining room with a full tummy touching[draggin on] the floor like more than a few of us[me included].

    About the All-Nighter…
    Personaly, I watched an NCIS marathon.. My favorite on the show is Gunny Jethro Gibbs. Who in my opinion protrays what many are looking for…good leadership and many..if..NOT..ALL..of what being a Marine means to us “civilians”. True, it’s a Tv show but for many of us it’s as close as we get to the REAL thing.

    Hope you got ALL of your wishes/wants filled.

    Semper Fi Marine

    Here’s the begining of looking at the festivities of a fine New Year Eve and wishes for a great and SAFE New Year.

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

  7. Paxford, there is no hiding from the truth! Thanks and happy new year!

    Miss Em, we did a ham for Christmas ourselves and it looked a like a room full of bloated corpses when we were though. Mark Harmon is okay, but I’m waiting for America’s 1stSgt to be on TV. Maybe I could host one of those shows like Future Weapons or one of those “warrior” type shows. They are always hosted by some ex-Special Forces clown or a SEAL. None of whom spent 20 or more years in the service. Weak.

    Red, they have to love me or be greedily consumed by the undead!

  8. A1S

    The Military Channel is one of my favorites. I have learned so much about some of the weapons and training that goes with them.

    Have watched the “Making of Marines” and the “Making of Marine Officers” to the point that I am trying to do some of the exercises because I have them memorized. OLD..BAD..Knees won’t let me run BUT I do walk a LOT.
    Altho, wolfing down my food in 15 minutes or less is a definite NO. My Tired..Old..Brain has got to know that it is eating otherwise my head will be in the trough all day long. 😉 LOL…and if you saw me in workout clothes you would KNOW that is a must for the gray matter in my brain housing at the end of my creaking neck.

    Don’t let my pic fool you for it was taken in 1993. Little has changed but for more Silver-gray hair, creaking and pop-Ping joints.

    Lucky Me.

    Getting old JUST SUCKS.

    ****New Thought****

    Don’t forget your funny hat, noise makers, streamers and someone to kiss for that NEW YEAR EVE’S party we all believe you will be going to party-hardy at for the night.
    Have fun and for GOD’S sake DO NOT drive. 🙂

    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

  9. Hey bro…
    Merry Christmas! Go easy on those kiddos, huh? haha.
    Glad your holiday is going well…

    My neighbors from Hawaii brought me some chocolate and Kona coffee. I see why you like that brew so much. Mmmm…that’s some good coffee. 🙂

    I bet RD doesn’t really want to go one more round. The grind definately can’t be worth the coffee.

    Happy New Year… it’s a nice even number…it should be a good one.

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