Meetings, the second and third order of effects

I am renown for my distaste for meetings of any kind and avoid them if at all possible. This stems from my bias for action I suppose. That and the erroneous notion of some that giving a ‘brief’ requires them to talk as much as possible in order to give the impression they have been doing something or actually have anything to say.

During one of my tours in Iraq there were  so many meetings we were briefing the same information over and over again. I stopped attending them altogether and no one seemed to notice.  One evening my company commander came in the office after an entire day of meetings, planning conferences, logistics coordination pow-wows, and such. He recounted how the CO lost his mind when he was briefed the same info in the afternoon he’d been briefed in the morning. He wanted to know why in the world he couldn’t get any traction on the issue.

“None of us had the balls to tell him we’d been stuck in a room with him all day, that’s why.”

Just another great day in American military history.

Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj

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    1. Have been following you since your first posting (under duress if I remember correctly!). Thought about you and your Marines when my daughter informed me the house they are renting in Gaborone, Botswana, is right beside a house (facility?) which is the recreational site for Embassy employees and any other Americans who pay for membership. I believe the Marines live in a compound on the site, and my granddaughter wrote on her blog that they hosted a party last night for all the folks who were members. It gave my 4 grandchildren a chance to meet some other Americans, and they were thrilled. My son-in-law (Pediatric oncologist-hemotologist) is working in the hospital there for two years. They just arrived about 2 weeks ago and had to wait for the container (delayed of course) to unpack and actually move in the rental house. Daughter went to the embassy to make application for membership and was somewhat nonplussed when the Botswana guards pulled out items from her pocketbook. When she was finally let through, she saw a Marine and said she nearly cried with relief to see an American!! I told her I was delighted that their house was so well located. Never fear, the Marines are here!!

      1. To follow up: the Marines on the compound at the rear of the Rec center hosted a party the other night. All “members” were invited to attend and my daughter and family went. The party was in the Marine’s compound area. (Fenced off from the Rec center). As they were sitting at a table (daughter, son-in-law, 4 children) a gentleman appeared and introduced himself. He was the Ambassador and proceeded to join the family at the table. Nice!!

    2. That was a great story! I am certain that frazzled American has spoken highly of that young Marine for lo these many years!

    3. Daughter would enjoy the thoughts expressed here. She works for WelMed and takes one morning a week for conference calls in her home. They can’t see her face then. 🙂

    4. For some unknown reason the O-s wanna replicate civilian practices. Civilian’s hate meeting and bemoan the loss of time and effectiveness in them… so I guess they were successful?

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