Media Blitz!

There is so much going on it is nearly impossible to keep up with. My CO and I were on a local sports show last night talking about the football game tonight at Brown’s Stadium where Marines and the Cleveland Police will be facing off in a foot ball game.  If you are in the Cleveland area the game starts at 7pm and is free! Come watch Cleveland’s Finest get crushed play a friendly game with the World’s Finest.

Can you say ROCK STARS?

Speaking of the game…

Remember our friends at the Plain Dealer?

Here are two more articles from that august publication featuring yours truly:

Some hard core PT action.

A bit about dinning on MREs and a little zombie action.

 Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Hehe. The police have notachance – they are about to be PULVERISED! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    So you’ve been on sports TV, radio, a newspaper, have adoring fangirls like me and Pax, AND you’re throwing out the first pitch at the Indians game… you’re still insisting you’re not famous? 🙂

  2. Erika, people have no idea who I am and that’s just fine. The media stuff is fun though.

    Mark, she was actually getting our names so they could display them on air.

    Magoo, nothing I do will equal the amount of face time the CO has had on air.

    The zombie remark was just something I said off hand. Just goes to show you have to watch your mouth around the press.

  3. SGM, in the interview you made it sound like the “Gulf War” was a long time ago.
    Heck, In Berlin, we were eating C Rations from the “Viet Nam Days” and our 81 MM mortars and my 1911A1were made in WWII.
    The MREs have gotten a little better…but those times when that’s all we had to eat, they got old very fast. At least with C Rations, you could take a can of anything, paint it green and call a meal. (I think that’s what they did …took left over cans of dog food and painted them green.)

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