Medal of Honor addendum…

Bookworm over at Bookworm Room laments I did not regale everyone with Dakota Meyer stories in my last post.

The Marine Corps being a comparatively small outfit many of us at least know of one another. Whenever Marines speak of each other the conversation usually goes: “Hey, do you know so and so?” If the answer is long it is usually also derogatory. If the Marine in question is any good the answer is normally: “Yeah, he’s a good piece of gear. I’d serve with him again.”  

In my mind being a “good piece of gear” is high praise coming from fellow Marines.

As the Headquarters and Service Company 1stSgt in 3/3 I did not get to run around a lot with the sniper platoon (which would have been far more fun than reviewing charge sheets and marriage packages behind my desk).  If Meyer had never been awarded the Medal of Honor and you were to ask me about him I would have said he was a tough, dependable, solid, leader of Marines and a Kentucky wise ass. He’s a good piece of gear and I would serve with him again in any clime or place.

If the same is all which is ever said about me I will consider my career well done and time well spent.

As a side note, Sgt Meyer is applying his wasta to raise money for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. You should check it out at

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Top,
    I like that expression. I’ve had a few very good cops work for me over the years. Officers who could do anything and arrest a lot of bad guys.

    I would call them “Task Force Jones” or whoever they were.

  2. I missed the original presentation of the Medal of Honor and am watching it now. Tears. I need Kleenex. Especially when Obama read the names of the fathers and husbands Dakota was receiving the medal in memory of…
    Thank you Dakota for serving our Country, for doing what you knew was right, even if it killed you.

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