Marine Week happenings

Some of the goings on here this week. We’ll start with the Quantico Band.

Below Marines get to work improving facilities at Hiram House Camp.

Finally, another community project brought to you by the World’s Finest. Because, you know, we’re the good guys!

Last night was Marine Night at Progressive Stadium where the Indians stomped the Pirates. SgtMaj Mike Barrett, SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, threw out the first pitch. The crowd last night was bigger than opening day with over 34,000 fans showing up. I throw out the first pitch tonight. Not sure I’ll draw as big a crowd.

SgtMaj of the Marine Corps and America’s SgtMaj enjoy last night’s ball game.

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Wow, I go on a short deployment, come back, and you are a celebrity! All in a month. . . No doubt you are doing good things with your reservists.

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