Marine Week Cleveland 2012!

Because Cleveland is awesome, they are hosting Marine Week this 11 -17 of June. If you miss it you just may regret it for the rest of your days.

Cleveland, Ohio isn’t generally a place you think of when you say Marine Corps, but Ohio is one of the top three states Marines come from. Currently over 9,000 active duty and reserve Marines hail from Ohio.  Just south of Cleveland is the city of Brookpark, home to 3d Battalion, 25th Marines. In 2005 forty-six Marines and two Navy Corpsmen from this battalion fell in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I attended a fundraiser held in honor of one of fallen Marines last weekend and the outpouring of support staggered me. Suddenly, Ohio seems like the perfect place for the Corps to hang its hat and visit with family.

What can you expect to see at Marine Week? We’ve already been infiltrating the city with Marine Corps Sports teams as well as Marine bands and a number of Marine generals have been speaking at various engagements. During Marine Week itself there are going to be multiple events for the American public to attend. Have you always wanted to climb up on a HMMWV?  Or an Osprey? Helicopters? Giant robots? We’ll have you covered. Okay, maybe not so much with the giant robots but you get the drift. You’ll also get to hang out with Marines and test your fitness, check out the Silent Drill Platoon, Marine Corps Band, and witness Marine Corps martial arts demonstrations. I personally will be demonstrating proper bayonet technique against the undead and how to survive an attack by large mutated sea bass.

 The common misconception is that Marine Week is nothing more than a massive recruiting tool by the Corps. This couldn’t be less true. We get plenty of press already thanks. Marine Week is a great way for the average American to make a connection with their Marines and gives us a chance to thank local people for all the support, faith, and love they have invested in the World’s Finest United States Marines.

Marine Week Cleveland is going to rock! So until then, check out some highlights from last year’s Marine Week St. Louis.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. I haven’t been able to find an official list for just the marines. I came across other random stuff though and I figured I’d pass it along, just in case anyone else reading this is a data-junkie. (I haven’t checked out the sites other than these links, just figured they looked professional enough and went with it. )

    This one’s got a bunch of different information about the demographics of military recruits. If you want to see it divided by state, that chart is all the way at the bottom of the page.

    This one’s a map of hometowns for recruits from all military branches in 2007, so you can see the state information at a glance and with colors instead of sifting through all the numbers.

    This one is a bunch of official demographic information about already enlisted marines.

    Oh, and America’s SgtMaj, job well done on the blog. I always enjoy your entries. Have fun at Marine Week!

  2. So sorry we are going to miss this by one day! Glad you are appreciating the bewitching charms of the Cleve!!!! Can’t wait to get home. We can give you the Reynolds tour! See you soon Mike, The Bahrain Major’s Bride

  3. Anonymous One, wow! Thanks for the info. And thanks again for the support!

    Leslie, you’re not paying attention. June 11-17!

    Stasi14, don’t worry, everyone will still be riding the Marine Week high no doubt. I will probably catch up on sleep then. Get back soon!

  4. Maybe Sister Donna and other nuns she knows will attend the Marine Week Cleveland events. It would be good for her and the Marines to get to know each other and to discuss their points of view. I think the two groups would find much more in common than they might think. I’m reminded of Covey’s principle, “Seek first to understand.”

    To me, the world needs spiritual people, such as nuns, and the world needs warriors. And the politicians and national leaders can do much more to carefully listen to both.

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