Marine Corps Worst Military Branch!

Recently an e-mail has been floating around among Marines with a link to an article about which branch of service is the best to enlist in. The author lauds his two year enlistment in the Army as the best choice and declares the Marine Corps the worst service in which to enlist. You may read the entire article here.

At a glance you may think Marines find this article offensive. On the contrary, our general response to such criticism is usually: “That’s right, it sucks to be a Marine and you can’t hack it. So run along sally.”

In all fairness, the author rates the Marine Corps last if your priority is to learn a marketable skill set to use in later civilian life.  The Corps has always been pretty frank with potential recruits. We don’t advertise college educations, trade skills, great pay, or any of that nonsense.  Our thing has always been we do the things others are unwilling or incapable of doing and maybe you can be one of us. Maybe.

In the past I have recommended to a number of young people they join the Coast Guard.  If you want there to be no doubt in your mind you are doing something for America every day, then the Coast Guard is for you. They do plenty of good work executing rescue operations, drug interdiction, and anti-terrorism type of stuff along the shores of our fine nation. Not a bad way to spend your time in my opinion.

Now if you want to be part of a premier warrior tradition known far and wide and are willing to endure the toughest conditions (and sometimes the dumbest) then the Corps might be up your alley. If you are unwilling to do those things required to represent the world’s finest United States Marine Corps, then you should investigate other options.

Besides, do you really think it’s worth getting in a twist because some milquetoast with a two year stint in the Army thinks the Marine Corps is too hardcore? 

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. My kids friends are always asking me about joining the Marines. The first words out of my mouth are always, “The Marine Corps is not for everyone.” If pressed, I tell them, “we are warriors first, we don’t do easy.”
    Are you fond of air conditioning, join the Air Force.
    Do you like the ocean, join the navy.
    Do you like uniforms with bangles and bobbles and shiny stuff, join the Army.


    I read the thing.

    I’m kinda thinking, maybe, this was a stealth “viral marketing” add put out by some social media savvy Marine.

    It is most certainly designed to attract the mindset desired by the USMC.

    – Grimmy

  3. 1. Watched in 2003 -and I do mean watched- as Marines who had never been in combat, led by NCO’s and Officers equally virginal, fought like tigers through the whole campaign.
    2. When Marines displaced the Brits in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, the kindest thing one LCPL could say about them was that the Brits made good targets.
    3. When the local bad guys tried to put a hurt on them, the Marines went for it and there were so few Taliban survivors that it took a couple months to revise tactics (IEDs OC) The Brits tended to hold in place or retreat.
    4. Point is: in the Army, forty-odd years back, our main objective was to get through our patrols. Closing with the enemy was left in the rear with the gear -way too heavy for our rucks.
    5. To be fair, the units that were all volunteer, behaved differently.
    6. To be less fair, the couple real fights we got into, the Brigade Commander was a mile overhead in a C&C helicopter screaming at the the platoon commanders. Found that out later on -and anyway, far as I know, he was ignored as we were busy.
    7. The first USMC unit I joined had had the s**t kicked out of it on Koh Tang Island within recent memory. No one was big on discussing the event, but the Marines were still much more aggressive than the Troops in any Army unit I served in.
    8. Think it is cultural.
    9. So far they haven’t tried to dick around with the 03’s too much. Don’t know what will happen when they do.
    V/R JWest

  4. A two year tour…in the `90’s.
    I wonder how much they taught him as a mechanic, using comic books.

    Seabees enlist for five years because the Navy wants to get something back for their intense training.

  5. Some people will “get it”. For most, the concept of Duty and Honor are beyond comprehension.
    As the old saying goes, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand”.

    Ooh-Rah !

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