Marine Corps Ball Pictures

I know it is somewhat late but I promised to post some pics from this years ball. Rest assured, those responsible for the untimely delivery of these shots will be flogged in the traditional manner. You know who you are!


The Adjutant.
Your narrator.

Cake ninjas!
Sword detail enters.

More cake ninjas!

Adj reads General Lejeune’s traditional birthday message.

Sword ninjas exit.

Riflemen are always in order too.
The spread.

There’s always one clown.
Traditional Marine attempt to encourage others to get on the dance floor.

It works.

All in all a rather successful evening. Next year I think a little axe throwing will really get the party into high gear!

Semper Fi,
America’s 1stSgt

/ / / /


  1. There’s cake and then there’s sacred Birthday Cake.

    If I recall correctly, the original idea behind so many Cake Ninjas was because assigning Marines to guard the sacred Birthday Cake was the only way to insure Marines kept their icing scooping fingers out of the sacred Birthday Cake.


  2. “Traditional Marine attempt to encourage others to get on the dance floor.”

    I laughed so hard there were tears in my eyes. Oh, the memories that brings back.

  3. Coffee, there were plenty of Navy at our ball including the 5th Fleet Admiral.

    Kristina, you sometimes worry me a bit.

    Magoo, it was MY birthday.

    Grimmy, it’s not a party until someone has lost an icing scooping finger to a well placed sword stroke.

    Shay, sometimes I think others get on the floor just to put a stop to their horrific gyrations.

  4. I love watching Marines dance. Marines are truly in touch with their inner Fred Astaires.

    One day I will go to a Marine Ball just so I can applaud in real time, instead of watching the YouTube videos after the fact.

  5. Hey, I’m a dancing fool, A1stS. You can’t peel me off the floor once I’m out there. I usually leave the guys collapsed in an exhausted heap while I keep going, like the energizer bunny.

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