• November 24, 2009
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Marine Corps Ball and a Harmless Hijack

I’m hijacking CP for a second time.

Mike is up to his neck squaring away his 1st Sgt responsibilities, getting ready to head out for leave, pack his trash, store the rest and head to a new billet.

I thought I would post some pics from the Marine Corps Ball since I knew these would never see the light of day without one of the wives sending them to me. Thank you, Janna.
He cleans up pretty well eh? Just don’t tell him that. He gets all swaggery and big headed, if you let on. Seems A1S was the narrator for the shindig and word is, he did a bang up job. Also something I am keeping to myself.

Okay now that I have posted some pictures to at least soften half of you people up, head here. I need some quick reaction force type help. 1st Cavalry is in need of some cold weather gear. I even plan on hitting Mike up. He just doesn’t know it, yet. He also doesn’t know about this post, yet. Sigh, I suppose I should tell him at some point.
So head over will ya? You know–while you are waiting for America’s 1st Sgt to post. He will soon. Both of us have had a crazy couple of weeks.
The last text exchange went something like this:

America’s 1st Handler: Kill me.
America’s 1st Sgt: No. You kill me first.

Told you.
Things have been crazy, busy all ’round.


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  1. Thanks for the pic’s Hope, very nice.

    Any chance we could get a text-version of the speech america’s 1st Sgt was giving? I am a bit curious about it.

    Sorry I had to delete first comment but my spelling was beyond good and evil (did’nt think before posting).

  2. Ahh, bliss, tis THE most beautiful uniform on the planet. The Queen has a few regiments (or what-ever-ya-call-em) that run a distant second. Ty God for not making me British 🙂

    Thanks much for the pictures. I only ever get to see one at a Toys for Tots function.

    And I second the motion for a copy of his remarks!

  3. Coffee, someone indeed recorded it and may be found at http://www.dogbarneyproductions.com.

    Akelamalu, I personally think the pic with me showing teeth looks ghey.

    Levant, and others wishing for a transcript, I did not give a speech; I narrated the ceremony. My speaking parts were all pre-written with the exception of places where I went off the rails and add libbed. Something everyone KNEW I was going to do anyway.

    Ally, your taste of course is impeccable. Although I think a kilt looks sharp I’m glad we don’t wear them like some of Her Majesty’s knuckle draggers. It can get breezy in some of the ball rooms and frankly Marines, alcohol, and kilts is just an international incident waiting to happen.

  4. For those interested in 3/3 Marine Corps Ball photos and video on the Dog Barney site, I am told it will take about 10 days or so for them to upload everything. They also cover all the other units on island as well.

  5. This lady got pulled over by the Calif Highway Patrol. She was about to get a ticket for speeding or some such thing. In an attempt to get out of the ticket she asked the Highway Patrol Officer:
    “Can I make a donation to the Highway Patrol Ball?”

    The officer said, without thinking:”Sorry mam, we don’t have balls.”

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