Major League Action!

Pictures from Saturday’s nail biting first pitch. Never has the drama of Major League Baseball been captured on film quite like this.  A couple of hours before the game I was able to throw a few practice pitches with the groundskeeper Brandon.  He got me dialed in just fine.

Donning Indians headgear, America’s SgtMaj coolly approaches the mound.
Acknowledging the crowd, it’s as if I were born for this!
The wind up made world famous by our photographer Lance Cpl Paul Peterson.
After throwing a burning strike right up the middle, I assaulted the Pirates mascot by crushing his filthy green trachea.
Many thanks to Jim Folk and the Cleveland Indians for taking care of all of us during Marine Week Cleveland! 
Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj
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  1. See, I told you that you’d do just fine. Look, you even made a new friend! Nothing like choking a giant green bird to bring out the warmest feelings in humanity!

    You make the best captions, by the way. And good pitch!

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