Mail heads up

A note from Hope

Michael and his gang will not get any mail posted later than August 31 sent to Al Asad.

If you intend to post anything please consider the following types of items:

(no smoke or sugar coating on the nuts) a good qulaity trail mix of sorts
freeze dried veggie snacks
Taped tv…Battlestar Galactica, Rescue Me, Heros, The Mentalist
magazines- martial arts, history, health/fitness
He’s a John Wayne, Charleston Heston fan.

He’s on a fairly strict diet training wise and the fare in the DFAC is limited if you are trying to eat as clean as he does.

They will be in Al Asad for quite a bit of time after mail cut off…at least a month so if you are interested in getting some stuff out to him let me know via and I’ll send you his addy.

I’m only pulling this since he can’t get online to see the blog, but I know the mail would bring a smile, things have been fairly stressful lately. I also know he shares everything, so it goes quick. He sure looks after his guys. I’m pretty sure he’d rather be only patrol taking fire than slaying paper dragons, but everyone has to take their turn in the Corps including America’s 1st Sgt.

Thanks in advance!

This message will self destruct in a couple of days…lol

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