America’s Sergeant Major is a contributing writer for Exemplar.

EXEMPLAR LLC is a company that utilizes the resources and the experience, capability, and intellect of a select group of protector-leaders who exemplify the highest standard of ethical behavior in modern society. They provide training in a wide range of traits, values, and skills, integrating paths to success with the importance of ethics.




  • Fallen Not Forgotten, Inc
    Fallen Not Forgotten, Inc. is a not-for-profit formed organization founded by members of the military along with family and friends, looking to help other families of the military as they work through their next chapters in life. We have not forgotten you all and there are many more like us wanting to help.
  • Declaration Outfitters
    Declaration Outfitters will provide clothing and gear for hunters, growers, and wilderness wardens, gunfighters and gunslingers, high plains drifters, people of action, and all-around new order of patriots.
  • Heels and Handguns
    Throw in a dash of tomboy, a Springfield XD 45, the need for speed, dedication to God and country and a hot pair of red high heels and you get Lil’ Chantilly, who recently retired from the US Navy after nearly 24 years, 10 enlisted, and 14 commissioned.
  • the Mellow Jihadi
    A blog by a prior-enlisted Arabic linguist, current naval officer, with co-bloggers of all navally types: retired, active-duty, or a combination of both.
  • Red Bull Rising
    Red Bull Rising is a military-focused blog written and edited by Randy Brown—aka “Charlie Sherpa”—an inveterate punster, a no-bull observer of past and present events, and a proud former citizen-soldier of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (B.C.T.), 34th Infantry Division (2-34th BCT), Iowa Army National Guard.
  • Free Range International
    Tim Lynch is a retired Marine who spent over seven years in Afghanistan doing security and reconstruction projects. He has traveled to every province in the country, rarely used armored vehicles, never lived inside a base or secure compound, and made many great friends during his time there.



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