Independence Day Shots

FAST had a little Company function this holiday. Thought I’d share some quick photos.

The sand volley ball (the only way to play the game) was fierce with competition. Face plants in the sand were a common theme.

Classic Batman sound effects are always in order: KA-BLAM!


Really, what would Independence Day be without sumo!

Clash of the titans! POW!
[Insert obligatory dinosaur noises here.]

These kind of things tend to degenerate rather quickly.

Hope everybody had a great Independence Day!

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Top,
    There will be a few 4th’s that I will remember for many years…
    the one we spent in Al Quaim in 2005 with the Marines while waiting to go up to Camp Gannon was one.
    The Marines did a big PT run for breakfast…then a big BBQ at lunch….Kind of like Family Day without the family

  2. I’m glad you and the Ninja’s had a good Independence Day. And I have to say… I’ve been in and done the sumo wrestling suit. IT’S SO MUCH FUN! =]

    Were the funny things on their head helmets? Because I could have used a helmet…. I only twitch every now and then though… so it’s okay.

  3. ooooh – levitating Marines!! How cool is that!!! Seriously, glad you and the Ninjas had a good 4th!! (Have I used up all of the !!! on my computer yet?)

  4. CI Roller, we are the kings of improvisation for sure.

    Kristina, they were helmets designed to look like those funky samurai haircuts.

    Mark, it’s our pleasure, and thank you!

    Leslie, I don’t know if there is an exclamation point quota but I think we have exceeded the use of the word NINJA this round.

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