High Ground

The Journey Home is an Uphill Battle

High Ground is about 11 wounded warriors and 1 Gold and Blue Star mother who climb Mt. Lobouche in the Himalayas. While recounting their war time experiences, the veterans find teamwork, friendship, and healing on the journey. This film is right where the focus has broadened: revealing the lives of those who have served and live with both seen and unseen wounds. High Ground was produced by Don Hahn (The Lion King) and Directed by five time Everest climber and three time Emmy winner Michael Brown.

Kanani over at the Kitchen Dispatch is one of the lead ninjas getting the word out on this great film (yes I’ve seen it, awesome!). Kanani describes it best:

High Ground ties in with the warrior resiliency programs used to address combat stress and trauma, as well as the aftermath of war.  But I think there’s a difference: this is showing people doing something, not just a list of things to watch for. I think it could lead to a good discussion about self care, a great discussion about the scientific studies being done that prove movement and breath combined with talk therapy surpass the limiting treatment to the usual two modalities (medication and talk therapy).   We have a chance to help this and future generations of veterans with the aftermath of war in ways that were unimaginable in the past. High Ground is part of it, and it does not mask the very substantial trauma that the men and women went through, while also showing them experience small victories along the way.”

The August theatrical release will be in New York, DC, and Los Angeles. In DC they are doing a free premiere for military and military support groups. 

Why should you see it? I’ll let Kanani tell you:

“One of the things High Ground does is allow the Gold Star mother, and the veterans to tell their stories. Through the process of storytelling –whether it’s by recounting verbally, or writing, one is allowed the opportunity to put things into an order that makes sense to them.  Researchers in PTSD call it getting unstuck or  framing a series of events so that it becomes a bad memory, rather than something that one is reliving every day.  

High Ground will be in theaters November 2. See the film, hear their stories, watch them take the high ground.  

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj 

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