“He’s not so great…”

I find it kind of funny that immediately after I was recognized at the Milblog awards I have nearly dropped off the map. New readers stopping by here must be wondering what all the fuss is about. Frankly I don’t know either and my only excuse is that between giving evil doers the hairy eye ball and recent travel itineraries that had me circumnavigating demonic clouds of volcanic debris I haven’t been writing.

At the moment I am in Sedona again training with my ninjas at the Spartan Training Center. Yeah, I do that kind of thing on my free time. Next week I will be attending the Commander’s Conference at Regimental HQ in Virginia. Not going to be as exciting as you might think. There is more action going on here at the training center.

But really, stay tuned. I’ll post shortly. No really. I mean it. Don’t go anywhere.

Semper Fi,
Ameria’s 1stSgt

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  1. I always here when you have a new post and comments show up in my e-mail after I’ve checked the box.

    Oh and don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.
    Aren’t you so lucky. ;~)

    Does coffee really work to keep you awake? Or, does it just give you an excuse to ask for a relief break which is what it usually does to me???

    Miss Em

  2. I wait with baited breath for every new post, A1S. Though to be honest, I do let the breath out and take in a fresh one on occassion to avoid that unfortunate blue look. It just doesn’t got well with my red hair.

  3. Yeah, I reckoned you’d show up to post soon enough. Only a matter of time before the laurels got to drying out all itchy where you were sitting. ;^)

    On a personal note, just back to the house after afternoon visiting the Son&Heir up at Pendleton/MCT. Except for being short on sleep and a purple ankle he’s having a grand ol’ time. Said he’s a bit surprised to be enjoying it as much he is.

  4. I knew it would be the ash cloud’s fault. Not content with dumping cack all over my car, stranding thousands of holidaymakers and forcing the Royal Navy to play ferry service around Europe, it had the audacity to interfere with your travel plans? I hope you detoured to Iceland to punch that darn volcano in the throat.

    Have fun in Arizona but don’t let anyone hurt your typing fingers.

  5. I´m reading your blog because of the quality of the written stuff and not the quantity and/or regularity!

    Please don´t be pressured into writing something, regardless if there is anything worth to be written about or not.

    You may be one of my/our personal heroes but everyone here knows you got a normal life like everyone else (within the boundaries of the corps of course).

    At least I´m glad you´re not trying to be more interesting than you already are.

    Ugh, I´m writing to much. But it needed to be addressed.

  6. CI Roller, I anticipate copious amounts of caffination will be in order.

    Miss Em, not sure if it keeps me awake but it gives me something to do while someone is droning on and on and on…

    Pax, but I thought everyone could do that.

    Jenny, it would not do for me to disrupt your respiratory functions. I’ll try and do better.

    be603, sometimes it’s the time of your life and sometimes you’re stuck wondering what in the world you were thinking signing up in the first place.

    Magoo, if I had known your car had been affected I would have gone and fought the lava monsters just like in the old Marine Corps recruiting commercial.

    Levant, thanks. I do try not to fake the funk as we say. Whether or not my life is normal is probably dependent on perception but I know what you mean.

    Jim S, very well. Nothing unusual to report at this time.

  7. 1stSgt, I would never presume to believe you should alter your timetable for little old me. We’ll just assume this is needed training to hold my breath longer in cases of near drowning or particularly noxious fumes given off by pets that eat off the floor too often. I promise to stop holding my breath when necessary. 😉 In the meantime, your new readers will find out soon enough why you won the milblogging award.

  8. ok, so i was supposed to be going to bed, but now i have to go google the “lava monsters commercial”. Those words alone fill me with trepidation at what horrors of the advertising world await me…

  9. After all the excitement of training with your ninjas, a chance to perfect your ‘sleeping with eyes open’ might be in order. Just don’t drool.

    And thanks for punching the volcano so I could get back home too.

  10. I thought leaping tall buildings in a single bound WAS the normal life of a Marine…. Please don’t disillusion me.
    Lots of coffee just makes me vibrate, drop things and want to run around in small circles, shrieking. I wouldn’t recommend it in a conference.

  11. Yeah, you suck. 😉

    Just watched the YouTube link. My 13 year old daughter will have to learn that stuff before starting high school next year.

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