Heard in the clear.

Another installment of great moments in spoken dialogue. All statements quoted here are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Physical performance depends on a number of factors.  Some people who are otherwise great athletes never excel in a particular sport. Others just know when they are out of their league entirely:

  “Some people ice-skate. I call it butt-skate, with good reason.”

It’s a comfort to know when your prime concerns are shared by others:

 “That’s my priority for today. As soon as I take care of some other priorities.”

Drill weekends are an interesting event in the Reserves.  My only regret is I am only briefly able to make my influence felt on the battalion.  As the first day of a recent drill weekend wrapped up, the Road Warrior was playing on the TV in my office. The H&S Company Commander stuck his head in the door and saw what was on: “The game is on, why aren’t you watching that?”

 America’s SgtMaj: “No thanks, I prefer to watch dudes with mohawks shoot each other in the face.”

As I was browsing through the command brief before said drill weekend…

America’s SgtMaj: “I see the Intel is claiming there will be no degradation of ground operations due to weather. They are also forecasting scattered showers and temperatures ranging from 47 to 31 degrees. I guess there’s no degradation of ground operations due to the fact they’ll be indoors with the heat on.”

The differences between men and women can and does fill volumes. Here’s a small contribution.

Her: “Gosh honey! Is everything okay?”
Him: “Yeah, why?”
Her: “You just had this really intense look on your face.”
Him: “Oh, I was just daydreaming about live bayonet training.”

A woman’s insight into a man’s character is often staggeringly accurate.

Her: “I bet you made a great 12 year old. Was that your best year?”

Often, communication issues can be solved by trying to speak the other’s language, or not.

Her: “Why does that rifle cost $2,500?”
Him: “Well honey, that brand is kind of like the Prada of gun manufacturers.”
Her: ” Ooooh! I get it…So if you get a $2,500 rifle I get a $2,500 hand bag right?”

Enjoy the weekend.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Her: “I bet you made a great 12 year old. Was that your best year?”
    I COL’d (Chuckled out loud) when I read that. Thank you for sharing it.

    I was indeed a great 12 year old. I was going to be a professional athlete in 3 or 4 sports back then. I settled for being a US Marine and a grandfather.

    I have only recently turned 15. I expect to be mentally 18 or 19 by the time I turn 70.

    Cheers and Semper Fi.

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