Heard in the clear…

Once again, quotable gems  gleaned within my sight and hearing.

Subjects debated within the U.S. military are as diverse as they are outlandish. On occasion, competent authority has to intervene for the sake of good order and discipline:
“I’m going to settle this right now! The last guy who thought it was a good idea to domesticate an alligator is wiping his butt with a stump!”

Not said in reference to any recent posts on the Mellow Jihadi, but it would have been appropriate:
“I can too judge a book by its cover, because everybody gets to choose their own cover to wear. If someone chooses to dress a certain way then I can choose to call them a douche.”

Who hasn’t had this conversation?
“I’m not wasting any of my bullets to save them, zombies or otherwise.”

Corporal blowing foam during NCO PT: “Man he’s fast!”
Staff Sergeant: “The 1stSgt? He’s only  forty-something. That’s not old.”
Corporal: “Well I’m only twenty-three and he’s kicking my ass!”

A1S leading the pack.

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Pleased to see i actually understand these ones 🙂 It’s terrible to be at such a linguistic disadvantage, y’know.

    Re the wasting bullets – I suppose that’s a military version of the old “not peeing on him to put him out if he was on fire”?

    Also, re your speed – i think perhaps you have an advantage because of your super-aerodynamical haircut and the proportionate reduction in drag?

  2. I let my guys (back when I had a division) call me an “old guy” if they beat me on the PRT.

    And I don’t remember ever being called it.

    But since I am an older guy (for the Navy) maybe my memory is going. . .

  3. Magoo, we colonials tend to speak a rougher dialect to be sure. As for wasting bullets, you should use your resources wisely during an apocalypse. I suspect my speed had more to do with a bunch of hard chargers unused to the humidity than anything else.

    NavyOne, what really fries their noodle isn’t that I can’t be beaten (a few of these beasts often do), but once their strength has faded the old 1stSgt just keeps going.

  4. You are living proof that we’re not getting older, we’re getting stronger. (Maybe I need to tape that on my mirror; it might cheer me up in the mornings.)

  5. Bookworm, my preference is to work smarter not harder. The strength you refer to comes in the form of being able to lay pride aside and let the young ‘uns whip you time to time. The alternative is injuring yourself to prove something. I admit this lesson comes hard to someone like me but it is true.

  6. I agree with the book/cover statement. And I wonder how we got to place in time where you’re not supposed to use whats right before your eyes to initially assess just who or what it is you’re dealing with. Its ridiculous to expect intelligent people to disregard the most basic of indicators.

    One of questions I used to ask my new crew members was if they thought they could keep up to a forty something woman running up a hill. They usually THOUGHT they could.

    Closer to fifty now though, I think they’d probably stand a decent chance these days : )

  7. I think it’s less your rough colonial dialect that has me guessing most of the time, and more the context and your strange institutionalised vocabulary…
    “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” doesn’t make any sense unless you already know what it means, no?

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