Heard in the clear…

Real life dialog never gets old. It is also greater than any fiction conceived by writers. More notable utterings offered here today…
You may have heard about video game tournaments where jobless masses are encouraged to spend all their free time playing video games in order to hone their “skill”. Some are impressed with these oxygen thieves, others not so much:
Marine: “But 1stSgt they get paid to win these tournaments.”
A1S: “Some folks get paid to sell drugs. It doesn’t make them cool either.”
On occasion, our Naval brethren have to be reminded about what exactly it is we do here:
Our work week is from Sunday through until the Global War on Terrorism is over!”
I am not a parent, but I can imagine parenting can get as biologically hazardous as any war zone or mad scientist’s laboratory:
“The kids pick their ass and then smell it, so I’m really not worried about a stupid dog’s mouth.”
In the dictionary under CONFERENCE:
“Just another day of unresolved issues remaining unresolved.”
Everything is indeed relative:
“Five minutes doesn’t seem too long, unless you’re under water.”
On good order and discipline:
“If the Marine Corps would just issue me a bamboo cane I could give stripes instead of taking them away.”
Concerning the approaching apocalypse:
“The Mayans couldn’t even invent a wheel. So why are we worried about their stupid predictions?”
“We’re not worried about global warming. We’re actively participating!”
“Don’t hate me if in the apocalypse I wear suspenders.”
On mentorship:
You can mold people but there is only so much you can do with jello.”
Regarding service pride (Action Figure Therapy):
Our dress blues are pressed by the shame of those around us who wish they were Marines!”

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. 1. I deal with a lot of folks and I never hear any that good.
    2. Particularly like the one about parenting.
    3. Thanks -and keep them coming.
    V/R JWest

  2. I just saw the Action Figure Therapy. Some of that is very funny.

    I am a parent. Just when you get one psychological model figured out, someone comes along with a totally different one that makes more sense, but it’s too late.

  3. “Five minutes doesn’t seem too long, unless you’re under water.”

    This is my favorite. In fact I think I will use it on my own boys and when I substitute teach. It’s perfect!

  4. JWest, I have to keep a small notebook on me at all times. You never know when they’ll say something worthy.

    Okie, I haven’t watched too many Action Figure Therapy either. But I loved that quote.

    Kristina, feel free to spread the wealth. It’s what I’m here for.

  5. Top,
    the “work week” comment was good. We didn’t have “work weeks” many times in the sandbox. Seemed like everytime my team got to a new place, the folks we were helpin’ had just got there and didn’t think about “days off”.

    Of course, me being the diplomat and bright guy usually got them to take on the concept.

    ….and you have lots of other good words here.

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