Heard in the clear!

As always, the best lines are rarely made up and must be experienced live and in person. Some new remarks below.

As time honored and respected those in the medical profession are, it’s never a bad thing to ask pertinent questions concerning the qualifications of our care givers:
“What’s the root of the word nurse? How are we letting men do that again?”

Words are a mighty comfort to some folks:
“I mock you because I care.”

A timely quote for those worried about what Mayans think or virulent zombie contagions: 
“The government might collapse and America descend into anarchy, but Marines will still have their 10 General Orders.”

Concerning health care, risk behaviors, personal responsibility, and integrity:
“If you’re saying you didn’t know smoking was bad for you, you’re lying through the hole in your trachea.”

Ladies dig confidence and, as a consequence, U.S. Marines. Deal with it:
“Marines dance even if they’re not good at it. I admire that in a man.”

Perception. It’s always insightful to view yourself through a different lens:
“The 1stSgt doesn’t drink the kool-aid. He snorts it off an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor!”

It’s fun to tease teenage family members who are clearly excited to see you but are unsure what to do about it. Hug? No hug?:
“You realize I can only express myself through physical violence right?”

At what was my final farewell I received a nice plaque from the Marines of FAST Company.

On the inscription it is not uncommon to put down a memorable quote or catch phrase of the individual being honored. It would seem they couldn’t pick just one of mine and ran out of room:

“I’m not yellin’ at you.” – Usually some unfortunate soul has to poke his head in my office to relate some information I am not going to like or report bad news.  Sometimes I have to remind the poor messenger they aren’t necessarily the focus of my ire. This line is usually followed up with: “I’m yelling near you.”

“I hear ya talking.” – Normally in response to any reassurance or boast someone is making about work, progress, or taking action of some kind.

“You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?” – Well? Are you?

“I ain’t mad at ya.” – Despite rumors to the contrary, I’m usually not. This isn’t personal. It’s business.

“Those dumb [email protected]#&$!” – I personally don’t recall saying this often enough to rate having it etched on a plaque. But there are enough dumb [email protected]#&$ running around for it to be quite possible.

“Aloha!” – My go to response to the proper greeting of the day.  The beauty of this word is I can use it coming or going.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. “Ladies dig confidence and, as a consequence, U.S. Marines. Deal with it: ‘Marines dance even if they’re not good at it. I admire that in a man.'”

    That’s what I keep telling my son.

    Congrats on the very nice plaque too. I’ll have to remember the bit about yelling near, not at.

  2. Book, feel free to use any and all my one liners. There are plenty more where they came from.

    CI Roller,My Company XO at FAST regretted he did not keep a notebook nearby to record my more creative remarks.

    Magoo, no farewell brownies. There were farewell cupcakes infused with Baily’s and Guiness though.

  3. One of my favs from a SNCO who’s name I can’t recall, from way back when:

    “He’s not stupid. He’s just always wrong.”

    – Grimmy

  4. Here’s a quote I recall you offering to a friend in need:

    “If you do what is right, maintain your bearing, and remain a professional you will come out on top no matter how badly some clown is taking a dump on you.”
    ~ A1S

    …congrats SGM

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