Heard in the clear!

I’ve heard dialogue is difficult to write. I imagine that’s true considering remarks made in real life are just too good to be made up. Another installment of comments heard in the clear.


Technology is full of wonderful advancements. But I can’t help but wonder if it could turn into too much of a good thing at some point:

“I’m waiting for Apple to come out with a house.”

Among consummate professionals, land navigation is considered a high art. Terrain association and the use of landmarks are skills to be coveted:

“We’re looking for a duck in dress blues.” 

Toughest duck on the block.

Motorcycle safety and the use of personal protective equipment is often used as a measuring rod of an individual’s intellect:

“He thinks Moby Dick is a venereal disease; so of course he doesn’t wear a helmet.”

Marine Corps Recruit Depots are the source of many astonishing tales. What follows is a conversation overheard in MCRD San Diego and should give one hope for the next generation.

Company Commander speaking to assembled recruits: “So, who’s got family coming to graduation?”
Recruits all enthusiastically respond except one: “This recruit, sir!”
CO to the recruit who didn’t answer: “You don’t have anyone coming out to see you graduate?”
Recruit: “No, sir!”
CO: “Why? Money issues?”
Recruit: “No, sir!”
CO: “Ok…so…why isn’t anyone coming to see you?”
Recruit: “This recruit’s mom is a *#&@ hippie, sir!”
CO: “…Very well, carry on!”
Recruits: “Carry on, aye, aye, sir! Good afternoon, sir!”

Today’s final offering was found posted above a urinal in one of Cleveland’s finest establishments:

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. I like the duck picture. It’s all about the context.

    In my old office, if had a visitor coming from out of town i’d give them directions, ending with “basically you’re looking for a 22-storey concrete tampon”. No one ever got lost 🙂

  2. Sometimes, Shipmate, you do have a propensity for making me feel a bit………..dated.
    But I can dig it!
    Cut Bank, Montana. Westbound on the east side, bear left at the Penguin statue.

  3. “Follow the main road around the island, take a left where the big tree used to be.”

    If you have ever been to Guam, you may understand those directions.

  4. The last one is too close to home. Our next carrier, USS Gerald Ford, is being built with no urinals in any of the heads. Gender neutral, don’t you know.

  5. CI Roller, crazy right?

    Magoo, I just can imagine asking: “Excuse me, I’m looking for a concrete tampon?”

    Coffey, NavyOne doesn’t rate to wear that uniform.

    Leslie, you’re safe for now.

    Glenn, I think it eventually happens to all of us sadly.

    Anonymous One, now I am in Ohio I am finding there are still direction like that even here. “Go done the dirt road about 2 miles and turn left at the tree stump.”

    Chaps, WOW. I had not heard. Going to mess with NavyOne about it RIGHT NOW.

  6. I looked at a piece of property in Nebraska and would have loved to purchase it just because the directions to get there included “Turn right at MooMaws Corner…”

  7. The spousal unit grew up here; I did not. He still sees nothing wrong with giving me directions that include sentences like:

    “Then turn left at the corner where the Hofstetter’s barn used to be…”

  8. Leslie, would like to hear the GPS voice say that out loud.

    Christopher, not a lot of Navy hate here but I dig my Corpsmen! Semper Fi!

    Shay, when he does reply with: “You’ll find dinner where I used to cook it.”

    NavyOne, most male Marines do cater to Navy women. Not sure I see your point.

    Bag, nice! Imagine trying to plot that on a map.

    Lin, he’s trying hard but I got off the first shot this time.

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