Heard in the clear!

Another round of remarks made within my sight and hearing. Always a dangerous thing to do within earshot of the Camp of the Praetorians.

Relationships between officers and enlisted are cemented with hundreds of years of martial tradition. Although sometimes I wonder:

XO: “SgtMaj, I was thinking about you last night.”
America’s SgtMaj: “What?”
XO: “No, no. It was all rated G, hands above the waist.”

The lottery was big news recently. Heard this gem come from a TV news anchor:

“The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.”

Physical training is a cornerstone of Marine Corps training and daily routine. There are those who make it their mission to concoct various ailments in an effort to escape the discomfort of making themselves harder to kill. Some at least are more truthful than others:

SNCO: Why can’t you PT? What are you on light duty for?”
Marine: “I broke my spirit.”

It is said one demonstrates their true character when confronted with a task they don’t really want to do:

“Anybody can eat ice cream. It takes something extra to eat spinach.”

Marines are notoriously unimpressed with the physical stature of anyone but themselves. Overheard while attending an NFL football game:

Her: “Wow! That lineman is HUGE.”
Marine: “Meh.  He’ll bleed out like anyone else.”

Some insults are more generational than we care to admit:

America’s SgtMaj: “You didn’t make any coffee?”
Sergeant: “No.”
America’s SgtMaj: “Communist!”
Sergeant: “My grandpa used to call me that.”
America’s SgtMaj: “……..C’mere for a second.”                                           

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. A.SGM, I’d not let the XO get behind you in the showers.

    Side note: the new career I started…there’s a retired Marine SGM who works in the area. We swapped stories and had mere civilians wondering what we were talking about.

  2. SGM- My soldiers don’t say anything funny. They’re a quiet bunch. Probably need more coffee to wind them up.

    Also, it must be flattering that your XO thinks about you all the time. In a creepy kind of way.

    CI-Roller- This has been happening to me a lot. Everybody and their mother in Colorado Springs is in the military.

  3. Shay, try calling it a hippie this week. Gotta keep things fresh after all.

    CI Roller, there is some satisfaction in speaking in strange cants.

    Saker, we leaders need to engage our troops more often than not. Getting them to talk is a fine art.

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