Heading in to the new year.

I thought I’d post a link to some of my New Years thoughts from 2011 as they still seem pretty apt. Getting into January I’ll have some thoughts on a New Years Initium for 2013. So without further ado:

(It’s a link, click on it!)
I prefer: If you don’t make a change, you don’t stand a chance.

Enjoy the holiday!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. There were times I wondered if I could make a change for Good and failed to do so. Then there was the time when I told myself that I could only change myself and did.
    The path I followed was lonely and more difficult but resulted in happier times for my family and myself. Make the change you need to make.

  2. What a terrific article – initiative, a beautiful thing. It is the one word that could fix everything wrong with this country, that could lift families out of poverty, that could clean up an inner city – you name it.

    As for the leadership example you discussed, when I was a Second Class Petty Officer, I thought that Lieutenant Commanders were practically gods – if I needed something done, certainly they could help me. If only I was a LCDR, I could take over the world. When I was on the USS Abraham Lincoln at the start of the Iraqi War in 2003, I was an ENS, and I worked for a LCDR. One day a Third Class Petty Officer came and said she lost her liberty chit and her Chain of Command was already on Liberty, and she needed someone to help her get off the ship. (We all knew her, she was a stellar Sailor). This LCDR, in a very weak voice said he didn’t know if he should sign her liberty chit, he might get in trouble. I looked at him, and was beyond annoyed. (I had been prior enlisted, so I didn’t suffer fools well.) I told her to come with me, and we marched down to the Quarterdeck and I was able to get her off the ship. Just a little ole O-1 took care of her while the big bad O-4 was too scared to make a decision. This is a minor story, but if someone can’t take initiative in such a minor issue, how can they be trusted to do so when the shit really hits the fan?

    Great Article – inspiring!

  3. Lin, I think the self improvement piece is the hardest change to make. Everyone likes to point at the other guy and say what’s wrong with him first.

    Lil Chantilly, nothing wrecks morale and breeds disdain towards leadership than a wishy washy approach to a given situation.

  4. “If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t have left me in charge.”

    I’m going to embroider that one on a sampler for my office wall.

    (my boss already hates you, SgtMajor).

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