Happy Birthday, Burkhus! Of course, this is a hijack…

It is my job as America’s 1st Handler to motivate, sometimes cajole and perhaps, from time to time, nag Michael–amidst the occasional hijacking of posts and taking of whip and chair to unruly lines of html code. Given that, I will assume that the annual outing of Ninja Master of the Universe’s birthday falls reasonably within the realm of my role here on CP as well.
So Mike, no, I didn’t buy a present for you this year.
I figure, you are like the Dos Equis guy.
What could possibly be worthy?
Other than birthday wishes,
or maybe a reason for you to roll your eyes and offer to remove my liver?
Actually, I haven’t given you THAT lately.
I’m such a slacker.
Well, we can’t have that!
I have a reputation to maintain.
I heard you can regrow liver anyway.
With this in mind, here are some snippets I found that still make me laugh and remember why I put up with your noise.
Happy Birthday, Burkhus.
It’s still fairly decent having you around.
Pictures and Video I Have Wanted to Post, But Just Hadn’t Gotten Around To and in Random Order…
(Yes, as an editor, I just finished the title above with no homage to grammar or punctuation.)
Michael dutifully helping me with troop mail last time he was down. Michael finding out it was ARMY mail.

Michael looking for witnesses to his heinous act.

The picture he found hanging on his door when he woke up one morning while he was visiting. It was a two person collaboration, but for privacy reasons, I’m fine with taking full responsibility. We put him in pink tights for cryin’ outloud, of course I’ll take some cred. He was a good sport though. It stayed on his door the whole visit.

Darn kid.Matthew was pretty funny to watch, too.

Someone asked for a smile in comments a while back.
You’re welcome.

In the video below, among bellows and general banter,you’ll see him slam his head on the table as I coordinate a morning talk with the student body at my kids’ school. Here we have him going over how he expects his minion-in-training to communicate with him for the duration. Pictoral evidence the training was effective.

For those here unfamiliar with the amount of time you can keep 4 to 12 year olds assembled without revolt, let me just say his stories and gesturing (note the above picture is blurry, because he never stopped moving) kept 150 plus kids attention rapt for over an hour. Did he actually have notes or some idea of the talk he was going to give? That would be NO. It was pretty impressive to watch.
and yes, there were multiple reported incidences of knee hugging, high fives and general adulation, with no more permanent damage to his Marine FirstSergeantiness than this post will have.
Again, Happy Birthday, Mike.

Let the eyerolling and muttering begin.
My liver is ready.
Had some trouble with the video editting readers…I’ll have to save it for another hijack…
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  1. I hired a rent-a-zombie to show up with a birthday gram. Be on the look out for a weird looking dude knocking on doors singing happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday 1st Sargeant.

    Will be raisin a glass of White Wine in your honor tonight as I scarf down a piece of cake for you.

    May Many, Many, Many more of these come your way.


    Miss Em
    Austell, Ga.

    PS To the post’s hijacker…love the pic’s especially the one of
    1st Sargeant smiling.

  3. Evidence that smiling does not permanently harm 1st Sgts. On the other hand – “Hello Kitty” and pink tights?????
    Happy Birthday and many more!!!!

  4. Great post, Hope! Love the pictures 😉

    Happy birthday, 1st Sgt, may the coming year bring all the happiness you so richly deserve!

  5. Sorry I’m a day late sending you birthday wishes but, um, I was hanging out with a bunch of ARMY dudes over the weekend.

    Allow me to make up for my tardiness….

    me me me me me
    do ra me fa so la ti do

    And a 1 and a 2

    ♫ Happy birthday to YOU! ♪ Happy Birthday to YOU! ♪ Happy BIIRRTHDAAAAY 1st Sergeant! ♪ Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! ♪ And MANNNNNNNNNNY MORE! ♫

  6. Happy Birthday!! Here’s to hoping you get some time to relax, before there’s some other crisis that needs the 1SG’s attention.

    And what’s this about no mail for the Army? If I can mail stuff to Marines, you can mail stuff to soldiers, 1SG. I always figured that Uncle Sam’s misguided children needed all the help they could get, anyway… 😀

  7. Thanks gang! Spent the weekend fending off zombie-grams and other apocalyptic creatures.

    Hello Kitty never happened. I have no idea why that picture is there.

    Hope’s liver is (relatively) safe at the moment so everyone can breathe easy.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday 1 Sgt… a June birthday… now I know why I like you. All the best people are born in June. I hope it was a great one.

    Hope, I’m the one who wanted the pic of 1st Sgt’s smile. Thanks that was a pretty good one. If you need protection Applegoat posted her brownie recipe, it should help keep you safe ;]

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