Happy Anniversary!

It occurs to me that one year ago today the Camp of the Praetorians posted its first article. If you’ve never read it here it is again for your pleasure. Without the aid of my trust admin Hope and her incessant um… encouragement there would be no Castra Praetoria. So don’t think this is a one man show. If had to deal with all this computer garbage I would have long since hurled my laptop into the ocean. Thanks Hope!

And thanks to all my usual suspects for your comments. The feedback is much appreciated. To everyone else, don’t be shy! Actually, I have to admit I am pretty much a lurker myself so no hard feelings.

Speaking of feedback, while you’re basking in the glow of your monitor feel free to click on the picture of me on the right. Yeah, the one with the sun glasses. Click on that.

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Has it really been a year?! Holy smokes time flies! I guess it was about a year ago that I had my arm in a sling and with nothing better to do thought “hmmm, ok, I’ll check out this 1st Sgt and see what he’s all about” 😉

  2. Congratulations! I only found you a couple of months ago but i’ve been enjoying your writing.

    I would send celebratory cake but it won’t fit down the intertubes.

  3. Being that I’m just starting … What does it feel like to have been doing it for a Full year?

    So gald I followed you over from another site.

    Miss Em

  4. Only a year? Wow, I knew I was gettin old and such like but sure seems longer. Congrats and heres (selfishly) to many many more years of blogging.

    On another note, I really like this old codger I met via volunteering at the animal shelter. Couldn’t figure out why retired army guy wasn’t a total jerk. So I asked.

    Had to apologize (he gracefully accepted) cause he is retired Marine. So I mentioned your words of wisdom and he can’t wait to perch in front of my computer, enlarge the print and read Castra Praetoria. Oh yes, he completely agrees with you on the grunting and growling. I got to hear the best story about some on up there officer type who’d come out at formation and tell his ‘tigers’ to roar. 🙂

    Bless ya.

  5. YES!! YES!! YES!! YAHOO! Mike you finally did it. You gave Hope the recognition and thanks she so sorely disserves. It was your words, thoughts, comments and ideas, but she got them into the ozone for you. Plus she had to put up with you – not an easy task, I bet. So thank you for giving her her due. And it has been a fun and learning year, too. Keep up the good work as you are becoming quiet a writer. Semper Fi, Dude! From a Hippie!

  6. I’m going to hijack your blog to say Hi to Hope. Just know I miss your blog, enjoyed it a lot.

    And you, 1stSgt…..I appreciate your voice and thoughtful insights.

  7. Lost my comment trying to edit. Here’s the abridged edition:

    You’re welcome.

    I’m proud of what you’ve done here.

    You’ll never not annoy me on occasion. It’s a law or something.

    Thank you, too.


    oh yeah and
    nagging is one of my best things.
    don’t hate.

  8. Thanks for the support guys! I shamelessly check for comments like a complete geek. The response this year has been great. I do enjoy telling a good story. The comments section is sometimes more fun than the writing itself!

  9. I’m sorry, I have to come back out of my 1st Handler cave and “jump” in here (har jump, I kill me)…airbourne qualified, MCMAP instructing Marine v paratrooper???


    There is no comparison.
    (You know I love you, anyway, Leta and Mari. You bought me obscenely expensive bourbon in DC and Mari sent me cookies!!!)

  10. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO right. There is NO comparison. Tee hee hee

    MY Airborne men are the best. Hell, they’ve even decided when I die they are gonna have a group jump to sprinkle my ashes over the Piggly Wiggle in Columbus, GA. I’ve NEVER felt so loved!

  11. Happy Anniversary, 1stSgt. It has been a pleasure reading your thoughts.

    And Hope, thank you so much for helping and harassing him into doing so.

    I do sometimes lurk, but I always come around to read, 1stSgt.

  12. Can we swoon over Hope instead? 🙂 I’m another who misses her blog. But this is all about you, so Happy Anniversary and thanks very much for all the great stories. This is clearly the art form for you; I hope you keep it going.

  13. Congrats on your anniversary. I stumbled on your blog while looking for Hyena images to use as models for a comicbook I am writing. The humour caught me, the wonderful use of language keeps me reading. Thanks for letting us read about your experiences.

  14. Angel on one shoulder. Devil on the other. Search for Hyena images brings reader to blog between the Angel and Devil. OHHHHHHH so tempting but I’ll be nice to America’s 1st Sgt today cuz I know he can kick my fanny.

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