FOB Haiku on Red Bull Rising

Over on Red Bull Rising they have announced “Boonies Haiku Contest.”  It is being billed as “…a light-hearted poetry competition commemorating the experiences of both military and civilian personnel downrange—regardless of era—and particularly those who have supported the war effort from the perceived safety of larger installations.”

Being the competitive type I am, I submitted the below entry of three haiku:

DFAC sparks blood rage
Dessert line beckons fat ones
Made wrong, Army wrong

No cup cakes today
Traumatic tears you drone on
Grunts hate you, how come?

Silly pogue don’t know
Gunslingers don’t drink lattes
Macchiato sir?

 You can check out the contest rules and make an entry at Red Bull Rising’s Boonie Haiku Contest.  Entries are also being taken on their Facebook page so check it out. I’m hoping to win the Blue Falcon coffee mug myself.

So what are you waiting for ninjas? Get to haikuing already!
Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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