Florida Marlins VS Hair Clippers!

Part II of our visit from the Florida Marlins started some time after everyone recovered from our light body maintenance session. Around 0900 the Marlins returned with the Marlins Mermaids in tow. The Mermaids arrived in full regalia to put on their first official performance of 2011.

Marlins Mermaids Naty, Ashlee, and Kim in blatant disregard of my posted signs.

Logan Morrison,  a Marlins outfielder, foolishly mentioned something about getting a haircut while visiting the Marines and we were more than happy to oblige.


Unwittingly, Logan had volunteered for what we in the Corps refer to as a “barracks cut”. This is a haircut normally received by knuckleheads late Sunday night because they either forgot or were too lazy to get it professionally done. In mortal fear for their souls, young Marines beg their buddies to cut their hair so the platoon sergeant doesn’t destroy them Monday morning. The barracks cut is usually such an ugly, unprofessional mess it causes barbers and hairstylists worldwide to shriek in abject horror. Due to its offensive nature 1stSgts have outlawed the barracks cut while in garrison.  However, with the number of deployments Marines have undergone there are those who have acquired the skill cut a passable head of hair or are even licensed barbers. You can usually find a Marine willing to buzz someone’s head whether or not they have any talent for it.

SSgt Reed goes to work with the consent of America’s 1stSgt.
John Sulser of Fox Sports Media and John Buck ensure the moment is recorded for posterity.
John Buck admires SSgt Reed’s work while the Mermaids discuss their preference for gentlemen with close cropped hair.
As it just so happens…
The finished product. Looking dapper there fella!

The Marlins hung out with us for so long they were late for their next stop. Sorry Navy! It was a pleasure to host such a great group. Later on they bought a stack of FAST Company t-shirts and hoodies. We appreciate the support guys!

For more photo galleries of the Marlins Far East Tour click here.  You will also be able to find video and a blog of their experiences while on the tour.  You will note in one of the videos Hall of Famer Andre Dawson sporting a FAST Company t-shirt, marking him as  man with impeccable taste.

Semper Fidelis!

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Top,
    I have known some troops who were pretty good at giving haircuts….maybe it was their calling or something…and I knew others who couldn’t sheer a sheep.

    When we had to stay at Al Qaim with the Marines, I paid one of their guys 5 bucks for a hair cut….cause’ where we were going there would be none for weeks.

  2. Pax, your restraint is noted and appreciated.

    Meadowlark, I have known plenty of Marines who cut their own hair. Most who do bic their domes but occasionally there are those with some skill with clippers.

    CI Roller, on deployment I just let them hook me up with a number 1 and left it at that.

  3. Why didn’t you guys didn’t take the opportunity to divest yon fella of his beardy-thing too? Poor show.

    On the subject of hairdos, i’m a dab hand with a set of clippers. Husband, father-in-law, nephew #2 and dog-in-law, once a month, in that order. Did used to do nephew #1, until he turned 13 and went emo.

  4. Had a rigger (“Pops” in his early 50’s) on my first WestPac who ran his own barbershop back in “the real world” with his adult daughter.

    Due to the Carter economy he’d come back to active duty from the reserves to score more retirement points.

  5. Magoo, by general consensus we allowed Logan to keep the facial hair. After having to shave my grill every day for 20 years I won’t begrudge a guy his whiskers.

    be603, reservists out here are banking the per diem. Considering the economy I’m not made at them.

  6. I love a man with whiskers, but what he had on his face doesn’t count in my book. I’m too much of a lady to say more.

    I am curious about these Fast Company shirts and hoodies… where is the link to America’s 1st Sgt. or his AWESOME Marines modeling them?

  7. Leslie, if you suddenly knit a sweater made your boyfriends sheared hair, then he has something to worry about.

    Southern, a gentleman doesn’t tell.

    Kristina, the FAST Company calendar will be out in time for next Christmas.

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