Florida Marlins VS FAST Company!

Earlier this week the Florida Marlins paid us a visit as part of their USO tour.  Jeff Conine, John Buck, Logan Morrison,  Hall of Famer Andre Dawson, as well as team president David Samson brought a few of the Marlin’s Mermaids with them around the AO.  I had received a phone call last week asking  if the World’s Finest were interested in participating in a little PT session with the Marlins.  I had just the right man for the job.

So at 0600 in the morning the Marlin’s contingent arrived at FAST Company for a little light body maintenance and who was awaiting them? None other than my very own SSgt Hensley, the Blaster of Bahrain. The good SSgt set up what we call an LZ Drill in the softball field and had at them.

An LZ Drill is a combat conditioning exercise comprised of physical training and martial arts techniques. Participants conduct bag drills, exercises, and other soul destroying activities for a set amount of time then proceed to the next station via bear crawl, lunge, forward roll, or low crawl through broken glass.

Logan Morrison hammering in some knee strikes. Unlike baseball, in the Marine Corps strikes are a good thing.

This is not quite what it looks like. No really.
John Buck lunging his way across the LZ.
Logan Morrison with a new appreciation of his chosen profession.
More good things.

Jeff Conine squat jumping and reminding himself there is no crying in baseball.

Logan Morrison elbow striking his frustrations away.

Spring training was never like this.

Dave Samson considers unleashing SSgt Hensley on the rest of the Florida Marlins who are safely back home.

John Buck wondering if that new contract was really worth it.

“I wish I could just hit something with a bat!” Don’t we all?

There is some debate whether this is a picture involving a lost lunch or lost contact lens.

Some video of our LZ drill can be found here. I must warn you, it is graphic, bloody, and may not be suitable for all viewers.

Suffice it to say the Marlins left our morning session with a deeper appreciation of our physical capacity.  Later they returned to the Company Office for a meet and greet with the rest of the Marines and brought some of the Marlins Mermaids with them.

Stay tuned for Part II and Logan Morrison getting a haircut!

Semper Fi,
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Well, that’s just too cool 1st Sarg. The pix were great! Bet they never had Spring training like THAT before!

    And you got to meet Andre Dawson AND the Mermaids? Pete will be so jealous. LOL

    Very cool to see the Marlins supporting the troops. 🙂

  2. It was very kind of your SSgt Hensley to assist those nice baseball players with “increasing their lethality.”

    But maybe someone should have shown them a little technique for lunges? Whats with all the arm flailing? Baseball thing?

    Very cool post!

  3. Top, You should have autographed an MRE and given it to them.
    I guess from looking at the photo evidence, you guys were kind of hard on them.

    when I was a kid and a real baseball fan…(I kind of lost some interest after my deployments)
    the old players would play all the games each season…they only took days off if they were hurt…and they didn’t get hurt too often.

    Today’s baseball players are a lot fatter than they used to be—and what’s up with all these beards and long hippy hair?

  4. Powdergirl, these are professional athletes. I assume they are doing it the correct “baseball” way.

    Leslie, the Marines won of course. We ALWAYS win.

    CI Roller, the long flippy hair was handled with extreme predjudice. Wait for my next post.

  5. All y’all take it nice and easy out in town, y’heah? I know that NSA isn’t exactly in the quietest part of town, but I know you’ve counseled your guys to be cool. Thinking of you all; I know that the Pearl Roundabout is a far piece off, but it’s not that far. Stay safe.

  6. I have some clippers – and a #40 surgical clipping blade if you feel the need to shear any of those guys…
    Oh, and I’m glad to hear the Marines won…but then I knew they would!!!

  7. aniemyer, so far protest have not been anti-western or military. Don’t worry about us! Remember the media always prefers the more provocative version of events as well.

    Kanani, indeed, I think I should take a patent out on my smirk.

    Leslie, we did shear one of them! More on that later.

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