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Something I haven’t said much about is the fact one of my platoons has been vigilantly guarding the embassy in Cairo for some time now. The other day my ninjas got to meet Secretary Clinton.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton poses for a photo with members of the USMC “Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team (FAST) Marines”, a quick response team from Norfolk, Virginia, on duty at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, March 16, 2011. Clinton toured Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday, smiling, waving and shaking hands as she visited the heart of the revolt that toppled long-time U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak from power.  
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) greets members of the USMC ‘FAST Marines’, a quick response team from Norfolk, Virginia, on duty at the US Embassy in Cairo, on March 16, 2011.

Here at FAST Company we are also taking an informal poll: Does a mustache on a Marine make him look like a dashing hero or a tool bag? Place your votes in the comments.

Lifted the photos here.

Semper Fi!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Your boys must’ve been working pretty hard recently.

    And… Unless you’re rocking statement whiskers a la Lord Kitchener, shave ’em off.

    Personally i like a man with a big fat lumberjack beard (but i have to say that as Mr NewMagoo is still sporting his winter plumage).

  2. I like my men clean shaven with a slight scent of after shave.
    This tells me that this man has taken into consideration that the majority of the females do like them that way.
    We females DO want to see all of his ruggedness and to touch that which has caught our attention.

    Besides, a hairy face gives one the idea that there is something that he is hiding and that’s not a good thing.

    Miss Em

  3. Oh did my thoughts get scattered on that last question.

    Hope all stays calm and quiet for your FAST teams no matter where they be stationed.

    I know that the team had to be smiling for the camera because I just can’t fathom any of them smiling for the Sec. of State.
    [oops my politics are showing]

    Miss Em

  4. Magoo, I’ll never begrudge a lady her personal taste. In this case we are voting on the mustache as pictured.

    Leslie, I appreciate and covet your loyalty. Again though, what do you think of THAT particular one?

    Shay, that’s what I am talking about!

  5. When we all wore mustaches back in the 1980s we were dashing heroes. Today…toolbags….times change.
    Sadly regulations don’t allow for a Marine to grow a “proper” mustache.
    Great post Top. Thanks.

  6. I was taught that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all; and change the subject as soon as possible.

    Unseasonably cool for this time of year, I think.

    Stay safe.

  7. I had assumed that the manliest of the manly Marines would grow something a little less creepy than the standard “70s porno” Chief ‘stache. Now, I believe I’ll have to rethink my position….

  8. O-kay. Here’s my comment on the one pictured.

    Looks like one of my steel brushes after I get done cleaning my BBQ grill and before I wash it off.

    REALLY Stiff and a bit dirty [maybe that should be “dusty”].

    Miss Em

  9. Top,
    I have never been so totally impressed in my life. Never before, in either military or law enforcement have I seen such total control by so many professionals.

    How did they all keep from puking all over Hilary?

  10. Everyone knows ‘staches make you bullet-proof. That’s why I had one all the years I was one of those %^&*ing Air Wing pukes (a.k.a. “%^&*ing Airdales”) Heck, that’s why I still rock one! And no, First Sergeant, it ain’t reg! 😉

  11. I know it’s been awhile since I commented on anything but your poll was too much for me to resist… I have to say that no Marine needs a ‘stache to look dashing, particulary not THAT ‘stache… 😉

  12. I’m not a fan and thin only two men have pulled off sexy mustaches in my life time. Those two men would be Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot.

    Everyone else looks like a bicycle seat sniffer at a Junior High School… not a good look for a Marine in my opinion.

  13. I’m glad you’re enjoying the phrase freely. It has a way of painting a vivid picture and making a clear point in as few words as possible. When you’re rocking the full Sam Elliot mustache it is a MUST to post pictures!

    Oh and my 7 and 5 year old boys were defending the homefront from Zombies at lunch with there friends at school. We had an hour long discussion about Zombie killing techniques. It made me think of you ;]

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