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Here at FAST we are some globe trotting, gun slinging, ninja warlords. Below is an article by Cpl Michael Stevens saying as much. The original article is here but I have reprinted it for your viewing pleasure.

BEIRUT – U.S. Marines assigned to the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, U.S. Central Command, recently headed to Lebanon to participate in a familiarization and information-sharing engagement with soldiers in the Lebanese Armed Forces, 1st Intervention Regiment.

Of course, America’s 1stSgt looks at this photo and asks the platoon sgt: “How come one Marine has a boonie cover and the other a garrison cover? Why aren’t they the same?” We 1stSgt’s have this thing about “uniformity” when in uniform. Go figure.

The cooperative engagement, coordinated by Marines from Marine Corps Forces Central Command, familiarized and refreshed marksmanship skills and tactics for operations in urban environments for approximately 30 LAF soldiers. The event was designed to enhance the LAF unit’s capability to internally staff and conduct training programs.

“These cooperative engagements assist our partner nations in establishing and supporting comprehensive training programs within their organizations,” said Lt. Col. Clarence Edmonds, a planner for the Lebanon engagement. “These engagements not only strengthen the armed forces of our partners, but also enhance our knowledge of the forces we may serve alongside in a coalition operation.”

The FAST Marines brought expertise in an array of combat skills, honed during deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, to the training evolution. After providing subject matter expertise in urban terrain operations and combat marksmanship, the Marines observed the LAF soldiers in live-fire and practical application drills.

“The Lebanese soldiers had a strong foundation of knowledge going into this event and were very motivated to build on that foundation,” said Edmonds.

Brig. Gen. Ronald Baczkowski, deputy commanding general, Marine Corps Forces Central Command, supported the engagement by heading to Lebanon where he met with LAF senior leaders and provided a presentation on joint operations to the LAF Fouad Shehab Staff and Command College. His presentation and the follow-on open forum discussion highlighted the benefits of information sharing and cooperative engagements for partner nations and Marine Corps forces.

“These cooperative engagements are key elements to the success in maintaining stability and in enhancing our ability to serve alongside partner nations,” said Baczkowski. “I’ve seen the positive outcome of our cooperative efforts and am appreciative of the continued support and assistance of the Lebanese government and military as we strive to achieve our common goals.”

Okay, so maybe the article didn’t mention ninja warlords but still….

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  1. You never see ninja warlords until its too late, and even then you may not see them. Thusly ninja warlords were not seen in this article, but you knew they were there.
    Semper Fi

  2. Top,
    last weekend, during some of our training…I told my commander about my idea for our Army version…

    It gave him gas thinking about it.

  3. 1st Sgt, I don’t what you’re talking about “ninja warlords” was clearly mentioned if you read between the lines ;p

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