Fair winds Cpl Finch

Last month I had the distinct privilege to honor a man who was a part of U.S. Marine history.  Corporal Winfield Finch was one of 20,000 African Americans to answer the call of duty during WWII by joining the Marine Corps.

I was saddened to learn Winfield Finch passed away this past week. I am grateful to have been able to properly honor him as part of the rich legacy of the Marine Corps he was. In his final days I would like to imagine he was very happy to have been remembered by his Marine brethren.  During our visit I recall him saying it felt good to be appreciated. From my perspective, it felt good to be a footnote in the life of one of the Old Breed. 

“And When he gets to heaven,
To Saint Peter he will tell;
One more Marine reporting, sir.
I’ve served my time in Hell!” 

Fair winds and following seas Cpl Finch.
America’s SgtMaj

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