Egypt is the place to be…

Small demonstration in Tahrir Square while I was in town. Not sure what it was about but I think at least one sign reads: “Welcome America’s 1stSgt!” in Arabic.

Just returned from a command visit to one of my platoons in support of the American Embassy in Cairo. During the revolution the forces of good were able to slip in and reinforce embassy security allowing the diplomats to continue their mission and keep the consulate open.

As you can imagine the Marines witnessed a number of surreal events during the last 90 days or so. The embassy is roughly 400 yards away from Tahrir Square and I am told the uproar of the crowd was thunderous to say the least. At one point the CS gas was so thick you could still smell it 15 stories up. As the Marines witnessed the infamous camel charge they could only look at each other dumbfounded: “Did that just happen?” They noted some of the riders were armed with machetes and hacked at the crowd as they plowed through. The riders were almost all snatched off the back of their mounts and swallowed by the furious crowd never to be seen again. A number of people were burned to death when molotov cocktails were thrown into the streets. Rounds ricocheted through the alleys as shots rang out from rooftops into the square. They saw Lara Logan brought in to the compound: “They beat the $#!% out of her.” They also saw Anderson Cooper, who despite being “punched in the head!” seemed none the worse for wear.

In the meantime American State Dept types seemed in awe of young fire breathers willing to place themselves between the hazard and perfect strangers. Fortunately the word is out: the Marines are in town. Those with bad intentions tend to get a little queasy at the sight of armed Marines. “Let’s go mess with the French instead.”

One of my blood drinkers ready to do violence on others behalf.

During my visit there was a small demonstration at the embassy. A bunch of nice people politely demanded the release of the blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.  The linked article reports “hundreds” of Islamists staged the protest. Hundreds, as in 200 if they were lucky. When all your friends are assassins and killers I guess there isn’t a lot of turnout for you.

Egyptian military provides security in front of the American Embassy. We all agreed the armored vehicles would make great anti-zombie conveyances.

Cairo is still picking up the pieces. As you drive around you can still see the burned out government building on the northeast corner of the square as well as the rusting hulks of torched cars still littering the area here and there. But life is returning and shops, restaurants, and businesses were open while I was in town. Hopefully the good guys will win this one in the end.

Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. So did our fire breathers get to eat great Camel steak after the riots? Sounds like they are enjoying the great Egyptian hospitality. What are the gold prices like there now?

  2. Jason, didn’t buy anything but an embassy coffee mug while there, sorry. In Bahrain the gold is still pretty cheap.

    CI Roller, yes it is an aquired taste.

    Shay, and riding for the brand too.

  3. Okay, good. I see you cleared out the zombies so you could get back to the computer and write. I trust your fire breathers will keep them at bay for a long while so we me partake in the heave ho prose of America’s 1stSgt.
    Nice post. Loved it.

  4. God bless you and your men! My son is over in Centcom on a MEU at an undisclosed location. I’m sure he’d have loved to see the Camel Brigade.

  5. Kanani, don’t worry, there is more to come in the near future. My preference is to tell stories about the Marine Corps. It would be nice to keep everyone up to date on current ops but that isn’t always an option.

    Jon, I always tell the men Marines make history. In this case they are taking part in a major historical event. Pretty cool.

  6. Hi Castra. On behalf of thousands of people who are concerned to find out more about what exactly happened to Lara Logan, are you able to share more detail about her being brought back to the Embassy? There are some horrible stories circulating about her being abducted by pro-Mubarak thugs and dragged to a secluded construction site where she was gang-raped and viciously beaten, abused and humiliated. We so hope this isn’t true..and I and many online friends are trying to piece together the truth.
    What can you tell us? Was she fully clothed? What sort of state was she in? Can you elaborate on ‘they beat the (*&(^^ out of her!
    Your help will be REALLY appreciated by so many concerned fans of Lara. Thank you.

  7. Hi Castra,
    On behalf of thousands of very concerned people, what more can you tell us about exactly what happened to Lara Logan?
    Lara has a huge worldwide fan base – and we are desperately trying to seek the truth. There are horrible stories circulating online that pro-Mubarak thugs targeted Lara, abducted her and dragged her to a secluded construction site of Tahrir Sq – where they stripped her naked, gang-raped her and beat her.
    We so hope this is an exaggeration of the truth. What can you tell us?
    Was she fuly clothed when she came to the Embassy? What did she look like? Was she able to speak to you guys? Was her crew with her? Please try to pass some detail here on your fantastic blog. It is being read by lots..and it’s valued. Thank you.

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