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Don’t get pissed! Reenlist!

Above we have Corporal Byrnes who recently reenlisted in the world’s finest, United States Marine Corps.

Funny thing about young Marines; sometimes they don’t “get it” until they actually commit themselves personally and professionally to our warrior culture. During their first enlistment they mostly gripe and moan about how they are tired of people telling them what to do and can’t wait to get out and grow their hair long. The idea that you can get a job on the outside and not have someone tell you what to do tickles me to no end and I never get tired explaining the concept that those who do not have a boss usually don’t have a paycheck either. The hair bit I can identify with though; I plan to spend my first 30 days of retirement not shaving.

Something happens to the Marine who recommits himself for another hitch though. I’m not talking about the ones who do it for an outrageous bonus or other bribery that some feel they are entitled to for reenlisting. I’m talking about young Americans like Cpl Byrnes who sported a mustache and pushed the limits of regulation haircuts right up until the moment he signed his name for another four years of honorable service.

When pressed about his new motivated look he responded that since he reenlisted he figured it was time to grow up and start acting like a Marine. Bless his heart.



Be It Known That

Corporal Byrnes

has been accepted for reenlistment in the United States Marine Corps.
Your reenlistment reflects uncommon devotion and loyalty to your country and to the Corps.
It is this special kind of commitment that makes the Corps unique and respected throughout the world.
The Corps is proud to have you in its ranks.

After the reenlistment Marines again take the oath of enlistment again. There have been reenlistments go underwater, in the air, while skydiving, at notable monuments the world over. Cpl Brynes is a motor transport operator and chose to take his oath from the back of a 7-ton truck. Administering the oath is his platoon commander:

Oath of Enlistment
I, (name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

Daddy’s babies are all growing up! *sniffle!*

Semper Fi,

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Some men are meant to be warriors and others do the service a good deed by accepting their Honorable Discharge. I was part of the latter.

    Congratulations Corporal Byrnes!

  2. Congratulations. A good moment. Not everyone is meant to stay for long in the warrior culture, but all who pass through are appreciated and reap the reward of growth.

  3. Coffee, don’t sell yourself short brother. America needs good citizenstoo. Marines are often shocked when I tell them it is perfectlyacceptable to do their time and move on. 1stSgts all too often tend totreat Marines getting out as traitors. Besides, if no one got out guyslike me would never get promoted!Kanani, in our culture: Once A Marine, Always A Marine. It never reallyquite leaves you. I myself do not ever intend to lay aside the mantle ofa warrior even when it becomes time for me to end my career as an activeduty Marine. But you are correct; not everyone is cut out for a life ofthis kind of service. I often tell Marine that we do what we do becauseothers are unwilling or unable to do it. Sometimes our lot sucks andsometimes it’s the time of our lives.

  4. Top,
    I should add, that I’m going to get a “Medical Marijuna” prescription when I retire and try to forget the last 30 plus years….of police and army work.
    I’ll become a prophit or something and sit on a mountain…giving out advice. with 2 retirements, I shouldn’t have to work.

  5. CI Roller, so for 30 plus years you have been giving advice to soldiers and civilians in your capacity as an NCO and a cop and think they are going to start listening to you now? Maybe you are on some kind of medicinal marijuana.

    Sarge! Long time no see. Yeah, it’s a pretty good way of life. Travel,gun slinging, adventure, what more could an all American boy want?

  6. The US society needs warriors like it needs a hole in the head. Empires need warriors. Republics need citizens who can form a good sight pattern, perhaps fire a mortar, know basic first aid, perhaps mix some ingredients to make something go boom at the appropriate time and place, but most importantly are capable of critical thinking.
    It seems to me that people who sell a warrior culture are trying to sell canals 30 years after the railroad has been developed. This warrior culture has wrapped itself in so much disinformation that those who perpetuate it fool themselves as well as impressionable young people. Warrior equals Samurai.
    With out scientists Americas warriors would be much redder in the face. Whether it would be from blood or embarrassment is hard to say.
    The best analogy is that Americas warriors are the Sopranos of the planet. Ok Tony’s psychologist was secretly pleased about what Tony did to the man that raped her. None the less it is perfectly clear that she totally detests him and everything that he stands for and will make every effort to reform him. The fact that Tony may now and then do a good deed does not make him a good person.
    Especially when those good deeds are done to further the aims of a continuing criminal enterprise.
    Many of my fellow Americans say that America does not wish to dominate other countries. Hhahahahahaha what a crock of propaganda bullshit. If you want an example of a country that does not try to dominate other countries look at Ireland or Finland. The US is about the worst example in that regard.
    If you wish to personally discuss this issue with me you can find me at US Army Garrison Schinnen Netherlands, or AFNORTH Brunssum Netherlands.
    Perhaps you can help me understand why a gay or lesbian person would fight to stay in the service of the 21st Century US mercenary occupation forces.
    Now you can not delete my comments and then say that you defend free speech, or can you?
    OK, it is illegal for someone writing an opinion to give their rank and branch of service. I can say that LTC Fern O. Sumpter, Commander, Schinnen Army Garrison, has been a great inspiration to me.
    I only hope that I can return the favor.
    Curt Kastens
    AFNORTH, Joint Forces Command
    ID Number 122234

  7. Katherine, a truer commitment, I agree. The real struggle though istrying to set up some of these guys for success when they get out. Whenever I ask them what their plans are for leaving the service and Ihear: “I’m going to school.” That translates as:” I have absolutely no plan whatsoever.”

    Southern, well I’m not so sure I can take any credit. But I have begunto suggest that 1stSgts get a percentage of any bonuses Marines get ascompensation for convincing the Marine to stay in.

  8. I am completely with Hope on this one… some people will use any platform to spew their opinions… I read a quote recently that I cannot recall word for word but it was something like “I don’t agree with what you are saying but I will die for your right to say it”

  9. To Moraavis:

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    To My Brother:
    Congratulations, on your first troll! It’s a blogger’s rite of passage. **welling up** and I can remember when you were just this high,*sniff* putting up your first post::sniff sniff:: You grew up so fast. ::wiping tears::

    I know I told you as you began this endeavor that some people will eventually show up to disrespectfully share an opinion, but I failed to mention that you’ll find some who, having no platform of their own due to shortcomings of character, will use yours to perpetuate their own agendas.

    Thank you for defending his right to impotently do so. I don’t have to see your response to know that it will be one of a warrior and a gentleman.

  10. The only thing worse than an intellectual making comments on something he knows nothing about is one, like Mr. Movallis, who tries so hard to sound intelligent yet spews vomit instead. Sadly he falls far short with his comical comparisons and sadly uninformed comments.

    This is a good example why gays should not be allowed in the Armed Forces, not to mention how this idiot is a danger to his service and the men and women who serve with him. Sure, he hates the worrier but he sure as hell is reaping the benefits and pay for serving for his on needs. That discounts anything he says.

    If you feel this way, Mr. Movallis, get out and let true patriots, brave men and women who are willing to fight and die to give even you the right to voice your Socialist opinion the right to serve with people they can trust and rely on not to run, screaming, when the shit hit’s the fan.

    America has NEVER occupied any country. It does have bases and seaport across the world working with the governments and people of the area. We operate under their laws and religions and contribute to the communities. Our fighting forces build, rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure and the economy of any country where we serve. All you do is cower and whine.

    You are the disgrace. Men like 1stSgt Burk are big and brave enough to provide you a shadow to hid in. You should be thanking him, not trying to pitifully to upset him. Believe me, gay or straight, soldier or civilian, you do not want to see him knocking on you door. It may be the last thing you ever see. But Marine 1stSgt Burk is a warrior, and as such, does not waist time on trivial bull shit like you are spreading. Be thankful for that, too.

    So, tell me, Mr. Movallis, what DOES LTC Ferm Sumptur’s dick taste like?

  11. Frequently when I read Castra Praetoria, I am reminded of the following quotation:

    “Out of every 100 men,
    ten shouldn’t even be there,
    eighty are just targets,
    nine are the real fighters,
    and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle.
    Ah, but the one, one is a warrior,
    and he will bring the others back.” – Hericletus, circa 500 BC

    America’s 1st Sgt. is the warrior.

    which one, “MolaviisFromm”…which one are you?

  12. Ah fuck it, if it were not for some warriors, we’d all be ruled by German and Japan. We need “smart” folks to come up with good ideas, but most of the true warriors I know, (excluding me) are extreamly smart people—who like to break things.
    “Citizens can sleep well at knight, knowing others are on duty ready to due violance on there behalf.”
    I’d suspect that MolaviisFromm is not from the US, but enjoys one of our concepts, the “Freedom of Speech.”

  13. CI Dude, that is a great paraphrase of one of my favorite sayings from a George Orwell quote:
    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

  14. No I am not a troll, I am simply bait. A fisher of men stands behind me who casts me out and reals me in.
    If you should bite on me you will go directly from the pond to the fire.
    No position could be more dire.
    It is not one from which you will retire. She will offer you no paradise not even a cup of vinegar to quench your thirst for your effort.
    Under her command you will be ground into dust and then dumped in to the trash. You will have only one option. You can say no to her at any time. Such an act will not save you in any case.
    Only those who come after you who are not even your own children will benefit. No one will even be aware of the sacrifice that you have made for thier benefit and if someone were to find out they would not believe it any case. The choice is yours.
    Who is your God?

  15. This Curt Kastens guy (MolaviisFromm) is something else. Check out is defense regarding the actions and attack of 9/11 by terrorists on this 9/11 memorial site – (http://op-for.com/2009/09/project_2996_opfor_remembers.html)

    Never forget that the war was brought to us after 50 years of stepping on the necks of Muslims and Arabs. Our wars in the ME are neither moral or practical. They are a war crime, especially the occupation of Iraq. The US military has been using the Constitution for toilet paper for many years.

    View the Feralscholar.com then get an honest job.

    US military, Custer’s Cavalry of the 21st Century.

    By the way I am not judging your friends personally. That would be like judging an individual raindrop for a flood. But all of the raindrops added up make the flood.

    Curt Kastens · September 10, 2009 10:15 AM

    Are you saying we deserved 9/11? I’m 14 years old and even I know your an asshole who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    a kid · September 10, 2009 01:46 PM


    You should hope and pray that you and I never cross paths.


    LtCol P · September 10, 2009 05:59 PM


    No I am saying that as a collective entity considering the history of the US that the US deserved much worse on the 9-11. By the way if you want to find me you can find me at the NATO Joint Forces Command, AFNORTH, Brunssum Netherlands, ID Number 122234, experation date 6 Feb 2011. If you do not believe me open a history book.

    Curt Kastens · September 17, 2009 02:13 PM

  16. Phil,
    I noticed Mr. Kastens spends a great deal of his 39 years trolling blogs. I hadn’t seen this one. The youngster’s quote made me smile.out of the mouths of babes eh? Would have sent this via email, but you have no link.

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