Dakota Meyer USMC

By now you may have heard the news that Dakota Meyer will be the first living Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam.

Meyer was a sniper in my company back in 3/3 before he went to Afghanistan and it is my distinct pleasure to say I was his 1stSgt. As excited as many of us are for him to be recognized for his actions, I can’t help but think what a somber reminder this is for him and everyone associated with events that day in Ganjal.

Medical personnel of the 759th Forward Surgical Team are among those intimately familiar with Ganjal. For them the battle was a mass casualty event they will not soon forget. Members of the FST worked themselves into blood soaked exhaustion struggling to save lives. Despite their best efforts, there weren’t many positive outcomes that day.

The surgical team shoes after Ganjal. The shoes have just been power washed because their feet were soaked in blood. Photo Courtesy: Kanani Fong/Kitchen Dispatch Blog

 Meyer doesn’t consider his actions heroic and I imagine he feels unworthy of this recognition. That seems to be a trend among men of his type. I will respectfully disagree with his self assessment. On a day when everything went to hell many men were weighed and measured; when it mattered Dakota Meyer was not found wanting.

Valor: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness.

Honor:  a showing of merited respect; a person of superior standing; one whose worth brings respect.

Knowing his character and worth, I think Meyer would throw his accolades into the sea and low crawl through broken glass if he thought it would bring just one of his guys back. I imagine the 759th would be right behind him.

Semper Fidelis
America’s 1stSgt

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  1. This day carries so many memories for those who lived through it –as well as their families, including the families of those who died. Somber, yes. But through it, we are grateful for the actions and honor of Dakota Meyer, USMC.
    Thanks for the shout out to the 759th Forward Surgical Team. I will let them know.

  2. I think it is appropriate to let the record show that younger Marines who distinguish themselves in this way are invariably also reflecting the training and example of their NCO’s (and maybe a few officers, too!). It is hard to imagine anyone in that group who is likely to have more impact on a young Marine than his 1stSgt. My hope would be that those senior Marines responsible for the formation of Dakota Meyer will permit themselves at least a moment of satisfaction in this respect. URRAH!

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