“This is the law:
There is no possible victory in defense,
The sword is more important than the shield,
And skill is more important than either,
The final weapon is the brain.
All else is supplemental.”
John Steinbeck

I am spending some time in Sedona training at the Spartan Training Center. Much sword work and spear slaying will be conducted. I even have a decapitation class at 16:00 today. Cool or what?

No better way to start the new year off in my opinion. Pictures to follow.

Fix bayonets!

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Remember A1S – With your Shielf or On it!

    And reading their website blurb I’m kind of surprised you’re not teaching the classes – All in good time??


  2. Do they have any “Whipping – Your way to leadership and authority” classes?
    If not, they should at least give classes in “Self defense against people armed with fresh fruits”!

  3. Pax, I have assisted in courses of instruction before and even have my very own ICS Instructor shirt. It’s like walking around with a sign that says: “I’m totally awesome.”

    Coffee, you should still be able to reach me here.

    Songbird, workouts are great thanks. Sedona is a pretty nice town too. That is if you can withstand all the vortexes and crystal healing.

    CI Roller, indeed. These guys are also on Facebook with some video of what we do.

    Red, correct, it is vacation and work all in one! Can’t get any better than that.

    J, I take it I am north of you?

    Akelamalu, sadly not true but it would be cooler if it was.

    Jim, you should see the verbal decapitations. They are nearly as bloody as the real ones.

    Levant, but what about a pointed stick?

    Kanani, we take all kinds.

    Southern, me too.

  4. “I’m totally awesome.”

    Well yes Pet – but we (your devoted fans/followers) already suspected that

    So.. no classes in ego-deflation?

    (still 1000’s of miles away in safety)

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