• December 11, 2009
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Current Status

To all, seems I have been a little remise in explaining my current status career wise. I have gotten some e-mail and a text here and there asking: “You’re not in Hawaii? Are you not with 3/3 anymore?”
So officially I guess I have to announce that as of 0800 Dec 2nd America’s 1stSgt officially detached from 3d Battalion 3d Marines and is executing orders to Marine Security Forces at the Naval Support Activity in Bahrain. For more info on that see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Security_Force_Regiment
As for what I will be doing, well pretty much the same thing. I’m a 1stSgt of Marines and will continue my duties in my new company. In the meantime I will be kicking back on a little leave and will eat far too many brownies and cheesecake than is good for me, I am sure.
I recently left Texas where I did nothing productive. Currently in Seattle not doing anything productive either. You should try it.
Semper Fi,

America’s 1stSgt

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  1. So you have two left feet?

    Damn! Who would have guessed?

    Bet that makes for some interesting fittings with your boots.

    Do you have a hard time marching when the ‘column left’ command is give since you have to pivot on what most would call their right foot?

  2. Bahrain, well if it weren’t for Islam I could say have fun in island culture, but it isn’t.

    Okay, doing nothing constructive is always a good idea, provided the others around you are on the same wavelength.

    Seattle…good…go have some chowder at Duke’s!

  3. Okay, so if you’re officially detached from the 3rd – America’s Battalion, can you still be America’s 1st Sgt. or am I due for a knuckle sandwich?
    (Good luck to you!)

  4. Pax, yes my understanding is that Bahrain is pretty much all beach if you get my meaning. But I am told that it is a great duty station but I will reserve judgment at the moment.

    Kanani, well I have begun to get my regular workouts back in and since no one is feeding me cheeseburgers and brownies EVERY DAY my diet is more or less at an acceptable level. When I get to my aunt’s house I am going to park myself on a couch with a stack of books and remain so until feeding time.

    Sarge, trust me, it was all I thought about for the longest time. “In December I won’t have to do ANYTHING. Hmmmmm…”

    Coffee, that’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

    Arli, I knew someone would ask this question and the answer is this: I am America’s 1stSgt and will be until such a time that I am America’s SgtMaj, inshallah (God willing).

  5. Keep this under wraps. If the Bahrainians hear that one of the commandos responsible for the recent invasion of India is now headed their way, it might cause an international incident.

    I recently watched the Army Navy game. Good game for once, although Army still needs to learn how to score a flipping touchdown. Regardless, I noticed that the Navy Uniforms had a new look: they had red stripes that looksed suspiciously like the Marine Corps Dress uniform. I think it is high time we call this game what it should have been called all along:

    The Army-Marine game.

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