Concerning What Constitutes Cowardice

I wonder, is it more cowardly to execute elite rifle marksmanship and eliminate an enemy threat at a great distance, or speak ill off a decorated war hero who cannot respond because he is dead? Interesting this controversy would rear its head on a day dedicated to the idea of judging someone solely on the content of their character.

It might be argued that the real question is why would anybody care about the opinions of chumps like Seth Rogan and Michael Moore. In the end none of us really should give much weight to what these jackasses have to say about their betters. However, I also think it’s important that when clowns vomit their nonsense all over the rest of us, we point out how stupid they sound to right minded people. If we don’t ever challenge backward thinking, we’ll lose the debate whether we like it or not.

Others would argue that since Rogan and Moore have never served then their opinions on the subject do not matter. I don’t think that is an accurate assessment either. Those who have not served are certainly allowed their opinion. Though they are not soldiers they are certainly human and will have thoughts on any given subject whether or not they have any personal experience. For example, my wife isn’t a veteran but she thinks I’m awesome. 

Considering that any one of Clint Eastwood’s films utterly eclipses Rogan’s and Moore’s entire body of work combined, they probably should have saved their criticism for real live extremist savages who hide behind their dogma as an excuse to murder, rape, and otherwise violate anyone who doesn’t share their world view. I wonder where they could have found some of those to cast dispersions on instead?

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj 

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  1. Sir, having read your stuff for sometime now and not realy having anything to add other than job well done.

    I have to speak up now.

    rogan and moore are both cowards, or they would be making noise about terror rather than heroes.

    For civilians everywhere, I apologize.

  2. Here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth. I think they are both colossal asshats. On the other hand, it goes for the believer as well as the nonbeliever. The appreciative as well as the ungrateful. That is what you guys in uniform do all that fighting and sacrificing for. Both have their right to free speech. In the end, Chris Kyle’s character speaks for itself, as does Moore’s and Rogan’s.

  3. Shay, that’s not the point.

    Coffee, I tend to agree that what these guys have to say should be brushed off as nonsense. On the other hand, sometimes we need to point out who the clowns are lest asshattery becomes contagious.

  4. In a different world, anti Leftist black teams would have already reported Rog and Moore’s insults against Mohammed to certain ISIS type organizations.

    Contingent upon falsified evidence provided under false flag scenarios, the reaction might be very interesting tactically speaking. In that world the Left might actually be losing power.

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