Concerning Marines United

“You will lead your Marines with firmness, fairness and dignity …”

This is one of the charges levied on all Marines who have taken on the mantle of leadership within the Corps.

Dignity is defined as a state or quality of being worthy of respect. It is my belief that the above sentence charges us not to treat Marines with dignity, but to conduct ourselves with dignity. This means our comportment should be worthy of respect and pride.

If such is the case, and we are striving to live up to the ideals of the enduring fabric of our identity as Marines, then why would we take any action that is in direct contrast to that?

Our purpose as Marines is to defend the helpless, not isolate, denigrate, and bully those we perceive as weaker. We do not target members of our own tribe for degradation and humiliation. However, it seems that is precisely what has been happening for some time now among an online group known as Marines United.

If you are not up to speed, there were turds among them who not only posted nude photos and videos of their female Marine counterparts on line, many of them also posted name, rank, and duty station of their victim. This opened up the door for further predatory behavior in the form of vile suggestive comments and rape threats sent from courageously anonymous scum.

“But SgtMaj, shouldn’t those women have known better than to take those kinds of photos?”


It makes no difference the circumstances under which this media was obtained. The fact is it was all used to target, denigrate, intimidate, and threaten fellow Marines and is the worst kind of treachery in those who have been given “special trust and confidence.”

I am particularly furious at this kind of conduct and it makes my stomach turn to think that because of this betrayal many of my fellow Marines no longer feel a special trust and confidence in their own tribe. It is especially discrediting and reproachful considering we are an institution whose motto is “Always Faithful.”

I feel nothing but contempt for these charlatans who have ignobly masqueraded as Marines. If it were in my power, I’d strike all of their names from our roles and let history reflect they were never truly one of us. Because they aren’t.

To all my fellow Marines, this conduct is contrary to the very fabric of who we are. None of us joined to prey on the innocent. We joined to be a part of one of the greatest warrior traditions in the history of mankind. We are meant to be a living barrier against the forces of evil, and to stand between the hazard and the defenseless.  We share a kinship and history few can comprehend. If you’re a victim here, I’ve got your back. No Marine faces combat alone and there is no reason to face this obstacle alone either.

“And we are now men, and must accept in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny; and not minors and invalids in a protected corner, not cowards fleeing before a revolution, but guides, redeemers, and benefactors, obeying the Almighty effort, and advancing on Chaos and the Dark.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I ride for the brand. Ride with me.

America’s SgtMaj

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    1. Oorah Sergeant Major! Well said. It is a sad day for our Corps and these never-weres belong in the brig before receiving a BCD.

    2. I’m curious as to why you used the word Brethren as in Brethren, if you’re a victim here, I’ve got your back. Perhaps you should use the word Sister. The victims were women. I know it seems picky and I get your meaning, but words matter. It’s just like when you (not you personally) try to shame/degrade/insult men and call them girls. Your basically telling them that girls are less than. I have not heard a cadence in a long time, but some I’ve heard are very degrading to women. Perhaps those should be reviewed also. In any case I appreciate your comments and your willingness to correct/call out such offensive behavior.

      1. My choice had to do with my desire to express kinship. Perhaps it would have been better if I had used a different word. I had just used the “Marine” in the prior sentence and was looking for something else. I am uninterested in dividing up Marines by gender, race, or any other sub category. Our purpose is to be united. I’ll let other argue societal semantics. Though you are correct, technically brethren means brother by definition, all Marines who are victims of any malfeasance have my support.

        1. I see nothing wrong with the choice of words. We don’t get divided up by gender in the military we are all sailors, soldiers, Marines, and brothers in arms. You are looking to far into it. Him including females as part of the brotherhood is putting them on equal footing.

    3. If only more men in senior leadership (across all branches) shared your view. As an E1, while on a parts run into town with the E9 head of my unit, I was taken instead to a motel and had to find my own way back to base when I declined his demand for sex.. My sister was fondled by the oral surgeon removing her wisdom teeth while on IV anesthesia . These are only a few of the things we endured 40 years ago. I had hoped for better by now

      1. As a very young lad I got into some trouble for saying something inappropriate to one of my female teachers. When my father found out what I said he became so incensed that he picked me up in the air and shook me violently while “counseling” me through clenched teeth. My teeth still rattle when I think of it. I find now days I’ve inherited my father’s fury when confronted with this type of behavior. I am truly disheartened to hear that happened to you and your sister.

    4. There’s just one problem with your little rant there SgtMaj. You’re portraying Marines United to have been this mysoginistic group that only existrd to share nudes of women. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As a member of MU for over a year, let me explain what all happened there
      MU was a support page for veterans to come to when they needed help. Our main purpose was to keep fellow veterans, no matter their branch of service, from committing suicide. On a weekly basis, we’d receive word of a potentially suicidal vet. Everyone who was available dropped what they were doing and immediately reached out. Because of this, thousands of veterans were kept from committing suicide. We also had fundraisers for Gold Star families who lost their loved ones. We donated money to vets who needed groceries for their families and children. We arranged rides for Marines who were stranded in town or on the highway. We honored and mourned those who came before us whether they died in combat, of natural causes, or committed suicide. We were a support structure for Marines who had fallen on hard times. These are things that MU did. And with a community of over 30,000 we rarely failed in getting to a suicidal vet in time. And as a matter of fact, we just helped a Marine yesterday who was on the verge of suicide.
      Now some people will claim that this is me justifying the very few Marines who crossed the line with nude pics of female service members. I’m not. In fact, I find those acts reprehensible and I feel for my sisters in arms. Furthermore, any Marine who did cross the line was dealt with as quickly as possible.
      Now since you were apparently a Sergeant Major in my beloved Corps, you understand that when you get a large group, unfortunately there are gonna be knuckleheads and malcontents who slip through the cracks. The best you can do is try to weed them out and do damage control when those malcontents arise. That’s just a fact of the matter. So, imagine how we 30,000 Marines feel when we are grouped together as sexual deviants and labeled by you and others as undeserving of our title because a few dozen Marines crossed a line. It’s a gross misrepresentation of us, our Corps, and our group.
      I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the good that we did because no news agency or journalist is doing so. They are all misrepresenting us. So, please give me the chance to talk to you about this group. I’m sure that after a couple hours of conversation, you’ll see that tgis group was nothing like whatvthe media is trying to make us appear to be. My email is I eagerly await your response and your chance for me to clear our names

      1. Bruce, I have not accused 30,000 of your members of misconduct. I clearly say above that there were turds among you who did this. At no time did I say this was the purpose of your page. I have spoken to some Marines who have seen your page and said it was all about finding vets jobs and suicide hotline information. My main concern here is the vile conduct of those few and the general attitude of: “They had it coming,” from others.

        1. Has a public statement already been made? James Bruce, I know of the good work your group has done.
          If not already, all 30,000 of you need to come down LOUD and HARD to demonstrate what that comradeship is all about.

      2. I’m curious James what your reaction was when you saw these very inappropriate things being posted. And the comments laid out for all to see. Did you just turn away? Or did you do something about it? Just the fact that these things were seen and not acted on until one person had a moment of conscience greatly disturbs me. Were women allowed on your group? Or was it just the “good ole boys”.

      3. So why didn’t you do anything when you saw this shit happening? All the reports point to this as being an ongoing problem for months, if not years. To stand by and do nothing is to acquiesce and approve the actions of others. You made a conscious value choice to favor the lives of some Marines over others. Their actions were just as detrimental to your sister she in arms who now suffer the same issues that you claim to help other Marines with. This is not the best that you could have done. You have failed the ethos. You failed your fellow Marines. The sooner you accept that the better. Your excuses are as weak as your integrity.

    5. There will always be some form of sexual harassment anytime men and women serve or work together. That is just natural between the sexes. However, I believe there is much less of a problem in the military than in the university/college systems. The military does try to curtail the events, though some officers seem to think they are entitled. But the pregnancies and rapes are out of control in the school system. But the Libs don’t want to talk about that. Only jab the military.

      1. F*ck your equivocation. It’s wrong, period. So what if it happens in colleges or anywhere else? I see fellow Marines posting memes almost every day that assert that we are somehow better than our civilian counterparts because we chose to serve. Guess what? If we want to argue that we are better, then we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and be absolutely ruthless on those who tarnish our reputation. We don’t get the luxury of pointing the finger at others to justify our own failings. SgtMaj is spot on.

      2. I’m sure that’ll make the victims feel better. After all, it’s not like the Marines hold themselves up an elite group sharing the same values the same way all universities do.

        Oh, wait.

        I’ll echo the officer below me. F*ck your equivocation. Just because someone else may allow their dogs to sh*it in their house doesn’t mean I have to allow it in mine.

        1. They’re NOT all victims. They’re adults that made adult decisions and they should be punished just as such under the UCMJ if still active if there is to be “justice served”.

    6. I haven’t seen the pictures and don’t know the full story especially when it’s was talking about using the pictures being used as intimidation. I can tell you this, as a Marine and a father of two girls\women, this is a double edge sword. If my girls don’t have the common sense not to put themselves in this predicament, then they and I should standby for heavy seas. And it doesn’t just revolve around my girls. If my son doesn’t do the same thing, then………….. As I understand it, the pictures that were taken, we not taken without their consent. I clearly remember my speech’s (safety briefs) to them when they were in their dating ages. Be safe, be smart and if I catch you in or around the barracks, they will be taking me to jail for child abuse. The Marines who are guilty of the crimes in this story should be tried for those crimes and punished accordingly if found guilty. This however, has nothing to do with our Corps (as A whole) honor, courage or commitment. It’s a few knuckle heads who let shit get out of the box. Let’s fix it and move on. Ranting about it from some your soap box does not fix it.

    7. If you victimized another Marine in any way, YOU are the buddy fucker. Not the people who called you on your bullshit.

    8. Let’s put this in a very general light. Adults made decisions. They suffer the consequences for foolish actions that roughly 99+% brought upon themselves and DISTRIBUTED these pics THEMSELVES. ELECTRONICALLY. How is this different than say … OFFICERS and SENIOR SNCOs making the decision to get shithoused, drive and getting DUIs yet NOT being punished and having it being swept under the rug by the command, but standing out in front and talking shit about how severe the punishment will be for the same? Ya, hypocritical PIECES OF SHIT who should burn. But I digress. The point is this: Adults make adult decisions. Period. If you can’t handle the consequences then it shows your lack of decision making ability and maybe you’ll learn from it. Or not. The majority of these WOMEN are getting nothing less than what anyone with 0.001% common sense could have seen coming a mile away.

      1. I would agree with you that adults made foolish decisions, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be exposed to the kind of vile, lascivious, rape threats, and intimidation made by other Marines. I think these are two separate issues. If we are talking punishment for the female Marines, I submit that any punishment their commands could contrive would pale compared to the utter humiliation they’ve already endured.

    9. Nicely thought out and well written, Mike.
      I’m long gone from the Army but I’ll ride with you. If most of the Sergeant Majors are thinking along your lines, we’re on the right track.
      Carry on.

    10. Unfortunately not just isolated to The Corp SgtMaj but our glasses must be particular rosy if we though it was. Sadly this type of behaviour and denigration of genders is also, sadly prevalent in the Australian Defence Forces, in particular amongst the offier cadets at Royal Military College Duntroon and the Australian Defence Force Academy. So much so that our then Chief of the Army had a few, blunt words to say to us.

      We’re getting better but still have someways to go.


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