Concerning ‘girly’ hats.

Yesterday you may have seen headlines like this throughout the internet and television news:


First, everybody calm the &%#* down. This is a classic example of sensationalized news designed to get you fired up and click on a link or watch a news program. This is how news ninjas make money, by getting people to read and watch their stuff. It is why we have the ancient proverb; do not believe everything you read. The unisex uniform idea has been floating around for a while so this concept is not news.

I am very confident the President of the United States is not on the Marine Corps Uniform Board. The fact is the manufacturer of the female bucket cover is going out of business and will no longer be making it. Thus, the Corps is on the lookout for a new cover for the ladies.

The uniform board was looking at a number of options in response to this. One was adopting a universal cover for all Marines. This included the possibility of issuing the Dan Daly cover to all Marines or simply using the current male cover for everyone.

 I once heard of a clever idea known as fact checking. I recommend everyone try it before we all end up letting the media do the thinking for us. That’s good advice no matter where you fall politically.

Carry on with the plan of the day.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. OOPS!
    I fact check items I receive via email, but I didn’t check this and forwarded it, because I saw on at least 2 conservative sites that I respect.

  2. JaneK.

    Don’t fret. A whole lot of us fell for it.

    We Marines take our uniforms seriously… and not only by seriously hiding them at the dry cleaners to avoid “surprise” uniform inspections.

    – Grimmy

  3. Shay, just watch your step with all the gooey love business. I wouldn’t want to get any on me.

    Jane, I will forgive you if you forward links to all your friends leading them to Castra Praetoria.

  4. Now, aint that just like a SgtMaj?

    Getting between us and a good rage!
    Killjoy must be a class in SNCO school.


  5. The original article released by the Marine Corps (that I saw) was far too vague. It said nothing about those being replacement options for the female cover, it just said they were considering switching to unisex covers. (There’s a dude wearing the Dan Daly cover, so I’m not surprised the entire world thought that was an option for male Marines!) That said, the whole blow up was ridiculous and petty. There’s nothing wrong with the Dan Daly cover or it being worn by men today. If it makes them feel girly, that’s the not the Dan Daly cover’s insecurity issue…

  6. Sergeant Major, lighten up young man. Don’t fall into defensive positions around the party line – join the fun. I’ve been imagining khaki kilts, big spoorans, knee socks and real leather boots, a plain dress shirt and the current jacket. Top it off with a campaign hat. Unlike the Army and chair force, no worries about anyone mistaking a Marine for the doorman.

  7. Grimmy, morale suppression is on my billet description.

    Female Marine, the information going around from the uniform board to Marines had more info. One of the options they were looking at was to go with a universal cover. The media never let the facts get in the way of a good story. If you are referring to any articles by the Marine Corps Times they are not affiliated with the Corps at all.

    Zail, I’ve been having plenty of fun with it, trust me. I particularly like the idea of the President reaching all the way down to the uniform board to direct what we should wear.

    CI Roller & Leslie, whatta mean there’s no Santa?

  8. If the Corps ever issues an amendment to the Uniform Regs that requires umbrellas as mandatory carry, then we’ll know where that came from.

    – Grimmy

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