Concerning boy souljas…

You may have caught wind of some jackass bad mouthing troops on the internet a week or so ago. This goofball posted some kind of weaksauce rap song disrespec’n the military.
“F*** the FBI and f*** the Army troops. Fightin’ for what? Be your own man.” Seems running your suck hole safely on the internet is now a pillar of manhood. Be that as it may, it does remind me of story.
As a young boy I recall being furious with my father about some perceived injustince.
“Well f*** you,” I muttered bravely under my breath. As he fixed me with his flinty grey eyes, I recall the horror of realizing this Korea and Vietnam combat vet had actually heard me. Visions of my flayed hide decorating the living room filled my mind. Bloody evisceration was at hand.
“Boy, you’re not man enough to f*** me.” He did nothing else but –discretion being the better part of valor- I remained outside “playing” the rest of the afternoon.
Now days my reaction to d-bags slighting their betters is pretty much the same as my father’s. Well, except maybe to go a little old school on a soulja…
Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. I too saw this, when i was directed to some forum or other by a friend. What frustrated me more than the “song” was some of the responses to it – people genuinely believing that if no-one enlisted, there’d be no war, and then quoting Brecht out of context like they’re really intellectual, and then refusing to even listen to the balanced and well-thunk-out responses of people who actually might have some experience of the situation (fightin’ folks, their families, and the like). It frustrates me that people can be such numpties.

    On a side note, your dad’s a legend. Bet he didn’t grow rubbish moustaches either.

  2. Magoo, those kind will never listen to reason so I generally don’t bother. On moustaches, Dad did grow a monster handle-bar while he was on terminal leave and managed to even get an active duty ID card picture taken with it. It was epic.

  3. “Morituri te salutant” – the now infamous words of the Gladiators before beginning combat. “We who are about to die salute you”. These words encapsulate the spirit, the determination, and the courage of this nations fighting forces. They know full well that today could be the day – yet without remorse or hesitation, literally hundreds of thousands of our soldiers salute us, our freedoms, and our way of life when they step out on patrol or stand watch to keep our shores safe.

    This idiot “Soulja Boy” has no idea, no clue what so ever that it is because of those very people he dismissed so flippantly and with such little regard are the reason he is not in a work camp or even a slave, because American soldiers have died and continue to die in order to secure his freedoms.

    As a Navy vet, this offends me for the sake of my service brothers and sisters. As a Christian, it gives me great sadness and pity towards a misguided thug whose claim to fame will be these very words.

    My ancestors, every single male in my family, has served this great nation since the Revolutionary war. My father, who served seven years in country in ‘Nam – and grew himself a huge hairy handlebar as well, stated rather implicitly to me “If you become a Marine, I will f****** kill you with my bare hands.” I joined the Navy and he was proud, pleased and very excited for me.

    This sad, sad excuse for an American, cannot in any way fathom the sacrifices the men and women who have served have made so he can create this garbage.

    I personally say, if you cannot at the very least honor and acknowledge these sacrifices, move to Zimbabwe, or any other country in the world. Personally, in many cases, I think it would raise the general IQ of both countries.

  4. Falcon, here-here! Sadly, liberty is never appreciated as much by those to whom it is given for free. I am told during Vietnam many Americans fled to Canada to escape the draft. Likewise a number of Canadians came south to join the U.S. Armed Forces. It is said America got the better end of that deal.

  5. Top,
    I had a lot of come backs for this retard…but when I thought it over….I suggested we all chip in and purchase a one way ticket to a fun place like Fallujah, Iraq and send motormouth there for a week to go sing to the locals for a few days.

    Then see (if he’s alive) what he thinks of things from that point of view.

  6. Well, his brain does not compute the words coming out of his mouth, what they mean, and even if they reflect accurately how he feels about things. This being said, there’s a good chance he has never thought about the military, the war, or things like valor, courage and duty. He is …curbside detritus.

  7. For most, freedom is something that was purchased with someone else’s blood and so it is not valued.
    Only those who have paid the price know truly what freedom costs. And the cost is high, but worth every penny.

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