Combat hiatus!

The recent lack of posting is a direct result of my having been on the road and bouncing around my new area of operations, the continental United States.  I’m on my way to my new duty station but have stopped off here and there to visit family and friends.  So what does America’s SgtMaj do while visiting friends? FIGHT THEM!

Above is some naginata action while I was in Sedona. When dominating friends in the training area my mantra is Meet, Defeat, Repeat.

Here I am applying a dose of super speed in order to cut a kidney out. Kidney’s sell quite well on the black market.

At any rate, figured I had to post something or you all might become concerned the zombies got me.

Semper Fi,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. …what does America’s SgtMaj do while visiting friends? FIGHT THEM!

    and then you wonder why they’re always so pleased to see you leave…

    Welcome back to the best hemisphere 🙂

  2. Bahrain’s Major’s Wife says, get your butt back to Bahrain. The office is sooooo boring with no one yelling at my children!George went in your office looking for you!

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