Coffee Shop Encounter With A Marine Hater

Over in the Bookworm Room I read about an encounter between some barristas and a Marine dress blue cover.

Bookworm was at a coffee shop and noticed a Marine recruiter talking to a couple of young men. When they all left the Marine accidentally left his cover behind. A woman picked up the cover and gave it to the barristas to look after. Here’s a bit from the post:

All three barristas were suddenly riveted by the cap.  Indeed, they seemed to attribute to it some totemic significance.  One young man made as if to put it on, but immediately halted the action before the cap got higher than his nose.  Another young man said, “If you do that, you’ll start doing push ups.”  To which the third young man added, “If he comes back and sees you do that, he’ll make you do push-ups.”

This same “Marines are kind of scary cool” joshing continued for a minute or so.  Suddenly, a customer who had been there when I walked in (and was still there when I left), yelled out “You shouldn’t joke about those murderers.  There’s nothing funny about them because they kill women and children.”  The store instantly fell silent.  No one chimed in, but no one challenged him either.  My only thought was “It’s interesting that you didn’t say that while the Marine was here.”

And no, I didn’t say anything either.  It was clear looking at the speaker that there was something wrong with him.  His face and body were a bit dysmorphic, in a way that my San Francisco-tuned radar says often goes with unstable people.  My firm rule is “never argue with the crazy lady (or man).”

At first I’d wished someone had told this clown off publicly: “You’re an absolute fool, shut your gob.”
But Bookworm is right, there is no reasoning with crazies or zealots of any stripe. In light of all the asinine comments surrounding American Sniper, rational people must come to the conclusion that service members aren’t homicidal psychotics, but that people like the one above really, really wish we were.  They want us to be remorseless baby killers because it would justify the scorn they heap on us and make them the good guys. There is no arguing against the erroneous notion the military conditions all of us to be soulless murderers. It doesn’t fit the preapproved narrative of their fantasy world of glitter and falsehood.

So why do I care about what ignorant clowns have to say about the matter? Why not just brush off their despicable remarks for the utter horse dung it is? Well gang, if we don’t speak up then we automatically lose the debate.

But if factual evidence and logic will not penetrate the force field of fantasy with which they cloak their minds why bother?  When you encounter this hateful phenomena I recommend you mock them to derision: “Your conclusions are the sad ravings of a demented, gravy sweating, slob. Your ignorance makes me want to rip that downy soft beard off or your jowls and wipe my ass with it.”  

Might as well give it a shot. It’s not like they’re interested in being your friend anyway.

Semper Fidelis,
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Sgt/Maj,

    I salute you for your astute idea of the appropriate response. Were I either ten years younger or a couple of years older I might use it myself.

    Old Army SGM

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