1. 1. God bless Chesty.
    2. My kids have heard his name mentioned in family prayers so many times, they think he’s a relative.
    3. Speaking of which, Colonel Dabney, God rest his soul, was one of my regimental commanders.
    4. As GEN Puller’s son in law, got a good Chesty story out of him every once in awhile.
    5. At PI, in the seventies, a lot of 1stMARDIV vets could be encountered in the bars in Beaufort. Used to get great stories about GEN Puller, John Basilone, COL Paige on Guadalcanal and later on. Lot of sea stories, too.
    6. Thought about putting together an anecdotal biography but LTCOL Hoffman came out with a really good bio. He didn’t include a lot of the stories I knew, but then, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to.
    7. Folded my amateur writing tent and slunk off to console myself by reading my autographed copy of Burke Davis’ bio.
    8. The GWT has produced some Marines who seem to fit comfortably in their predecessor’s
    shoes, for which we can all be grateful.
    9. ITMT, tomorrow will celebrate Memorial Day by lighting a candle to my remembered which include USMC SGT Mike Natzke, may God rest his soul.
    V/R JWest

  2. When Chesty was a Col, he commanded the 1st Marines in the battle at Peleliu Island.

    Chesty became hated by the 1st Marines during and after that battle and was blamed by them, and others, for the destruction of that regiment.

    But, records declassified and released by the Japanese, iirc, sometime in the ’90s, show that the 1st Mar destroyed 2/5 of the enemy garrison and crew served weaponry in those few days of combat before the 1st was pulled off the line.

    The records also show that the Japanese command on the island grew so desperate that the “final banzai” was heavily considered during the aggressive 1st Mar push up the coral ridges.

    Col Chesty’s push with the 1st Marines dang near broke the Japanese defenders in the first few days of that battle.

    – Grimmy

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