Cantonese pugilists what? It’s all in the name.

When asked the title of my blog or how to find it I often simply tell folks to Google “America’s SgtMaj” and see where that gets them. They’ll find me. This doesn’t stop the eventual questions when folks are looking up my site: “What’s the name of your blog again? Castrate who?” Sigh…

Recently, the Public Affairs Officer assigned to our battalion for Marine Week has taken a perverse delight in sticking his head in my office to ask: “It’s Caligula something right?” He’s been joining me for SgtMaj PT and paying for it dearly. 

I figure it’s my fault for never clearly explaining the blog’s title. So look, it is called Castra Praetoria. This would be Latin for “Camp of the Praetorians.” You recall the elite bodyguards of the Roman emperors? Those Praetorians. Think Roman Special Ops Ninjas and you’ll get the idea.

Yes, I know they are sometimes known in their later years for conspiracy and assassination. However, in the first two centuries of their existence the Praetorians contributed greatly to the strength of Rome by protecting its emperors leading into the Pax Romana. 

  Here in the 21st Century Camp of the Praetorians we prefer to reinforce the ideal behaviors of the modern warrior. As pertains to studying past warrior cultures, we emulate those aspects which reflect an innate sense of ethics, integrity, and morality. All the garbage is discarded as a component of behavior we disdain in our daily comportment.

That and the expedient elimination and removal of the undead is what we’re all about here.

Semper Fi!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. Y’know, way back in the day, when i stumbled across your blog cos of your MWD post (still waiting for another one… sigh) it was the name of it that made me bother reading the rest.

    Having grown up in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, “Romans” was a big ticket item for my primary school history lessons. I visited the Roman Army Museum at Vindolanda last year – reading the blurbs on the exhibits & lifting weighted training weapons etc reminded me time and again of your blog posts – from comparing the two, i don’t think the mechanics of combat training has varied too much in the last 2k years.

    Also, dunno if you know this, but your surname has the same root as “burg” – a fortified settlement – which in Latin is…

  2. And this is what modern society receives for not being grounded in Latin! And history. *sulks*

    All people have to do is look at the “Castra Praetoria” article on Wikipedia – you and your blog is mentioned there as being a reference in “literature and popular culture.”

  3. In the news in the last week or so,
    3 separate reports of cannibal attacks.

    Soooo, the zombie stuff, are we sure that’s a joke? You are joking right?

    Really a joke, right? Or do you know something . . .

  4. Magoo, human bio-mechanics haven’t changed much either. Castrum would be fort in Latin or castellum meaning castle.

    Erika, that resembles like work or something.

    Coffee, actually the Italians got noodles from the Chinese and pizza was invented in America.

    Anonymous One, the CDC actually made a statement to the effect that zombies do not in fact exist. But I think we know better.

  5. Stupid me, I thought Castra Praetoria was your name. I love your posts. And a belated congratulations on your promotion. You have reached the pinnacle your profession.

  6. Ah yes.. the stalwath Praetorians…. marvellously good at dealing with the good, the bad and the seriously nutty emperors (and of creating one or two themselves… Claudius and Jovian spring to mind)

    Good to see that the Imperial Special Ops Ninja’s live on 😀


  7. America’s Sgt Maj:

    The CDC *confirmed the existence of zombies?

    *It’s one of the gospel truths of the intel trade. When the gov goes to the trouble to deny the existence of something, that something actually does exist. The more troublesome, scary or problematic the existence the stronger the confirmation made by the denial.

    Especially loud, repeated or fervent denials are actually code for “Run AWAY! It got loose!!”


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