A few more pictures to placate everyone until real writing occurs.
Rehearsals and training before the big show!

Hard chargers still ready to whoop it on after ten days in the scorching sand.

And finally, the vehicle America’s 1stSgt will be seen in the moment Zombies invade the Kingdom of Bahrain. I will, of course, convert the water cannons into flame throwers.

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  1. Hey, is that you posing as John Winger? I can almost hear the Capt now…

    “Where the f***’s my truck? Where? Where’s my truck? Hey, where’s the EM-50? “

  2. Jenny, I know, you’d think everyone would already have one right?

    Miss Em, you may not. Zombie vehicles are for ZOMBIES. Get on board here.

    Be603, no but I have told a number of people: “This is Bahrain, the guy in the top bunk has to make the guy on the bottom bunks bed. If we were in Syria I would have to make yours.”

    applegoat, see? You and Miss Em would totally misuse the zombie vehicle spraying water canons everywhere in the middle of traffic. Then you would get offended when someone made a comment about “women drivers”. This is why you will not get to drive during the zombie apocalypse.

    Kanani, I do not wrestle, I eliminate. Also, if any of those “Marines” in that film remind you of me then I am horribly offended. 🙂 I think I will review it in a future post.

    Paxford, considering I am in a Muslim country calling it that name may be considered somewhat inconsiderate. How about something simpler like, War Pig?

  3. Hey, most of those who drive in Hot Atlanta are Zombie’s.

    Also, what the He!! do I want with a ‘water cannon’. I want the real deal. Can’t blow Zombie-driver to Zombie he!! with a ‘water cannon’.


    Miss Em

  4. Bahrain?

    John Winger: C’mon, it’s Czechoslovakia. We zip in, we pick ’em up, we zip right out again. We’re not going to Moscow. It’s Czechoslovakia. It’s like going into Wisconsin.

  5. sorry, WESPAC in the 80’s with limited VHS stash. Certain movies seemed to be favorites on endless loop: Stripes was somewhere near the top of the 2nd tier just below top tier of Terminator, Bronson Death Wish(s) and anything Chuck Norris.

  6. Miss Em, see? There is just no pleasing you.

    be603, I like where your head’s at.

    dusting, are you sure it’s a good idea to have acid spraying cannons dripping all over the cab of your zombie truck?

    applegoat, uh-huh. I suspect you two are the reason Saudi Arabia’s driving laws are the way they are.

  7. I’m not asking you to “please” me, just give the ‘cannon truck’. Besides you can NOT “please” me anymore than you already have…Marine.

    ;D Thank You ;D

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