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Recently I added Man Of Action Magazine to my blogroll. The author is a swordsman, gunslinger, and zombie eliminator of my acquaintance. His blog is primarily aimed towards those of “a courageous character who is a seeker of adventure.”
The Man Of Action himself on the right.
Man Of Action Magazine expresses an identity for 21st Century swashbucklers who, like myself, sometimes feel they may be stranded in an era celebrated by mediocrity and androgeny. So go check it out.

MOA and A1S conduct a little sword work.

Ladies! In an effort to make up for a lack of pink t-shirts, may I direct you to the likes of Lil Chantilly. Chantilly is a genteel lady with a thing for fast cars and firearms. Firmly entrenched over at Heels & Handguns, she will curtsey after she shoots you. Below is video of her dealing with discourteous shoppers at a recent shoe sale.
Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. Top,
    Sometimes I felt I was born a hunderd years late. But I survived…I’m not talking about surviving all the bad guys I took to jail or the year in Iraq, but I survived the Admin Desk Jokey Pukes in police work. They are the ones out to get the good cops.

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