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A lazy post with pictures!

Recently Marines Blog asked to reprint one of my old posts on their site. I thought it was pretty awesome of them to ask.  You can check it out right now. Feel free to leave comments. They like it when you do that.

The funny part to me is the picture I sent to be used for my mini-bio at the end of the article.  After a short while one of my old Marines sent me a link to some internet meme site and asked if I had seen it before. Someone got a hold of the picture and here are the results.

 As if I haven’t inundated everyone with Marine Week madness, here are some more pictures from that event.

Osprey flight over Lake Eerie. Are those rubber propellers ?
Running my mouth for the cameras at the football game between the Marines and Cleveland PD. Mistake!
3/25 Marine offers donuts to the Police bench before the game. It’s surmised this secured our 28-0 loss to Cleveland’s Finest.
By popular demand, yet another picture of the superior pitching form of America’s SgtMaj.
Changing of the guard at the Vietnam War Memorial replica.
A valorous road to take.
The Marine Week mural painted by Marine artists on one of the public buildings.
The Police Chase fun run logo.

So there you go. Enjoy!

America’s SgtMaj

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