Backyard BBQ Love

Local news media ninjas, 19 Action News, have a summer contest where locals have a chance to win a backyard BBQ hosted by weatherman Jeff Tanchak.  Last night they kicked off the summer season with their very first winner,  Lance Corporal Greenaway of Independence, Oh. He is a member of 3d Bn, 25th Marines who recently returned from Afghanistan where he was attached to another battalion. I thought it was pretty cool of 19 Action News to select a young Marine veteran for their first summer BBQ.  Below is the only video I can find of the event. I say that because there was quite a bit more action than this clip lets on.

Best line ever uttered during a weather forecast: “…brawling over corn hole…”

Semper Fidelis!
America’s SgtMaj

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  1. A game involving beanbags, the name of which has certain connotations (thank you Urban Dictionary)… typical Marine Corps afternoon, i take it?

    Looks like a bit of a grandma’s game to me, like croquet or quoits. I’ll stick with the cricket.

    Nice prize though!

  2. Coffey, I knew you’d be the first to post.

    Magoo, knife throwing is more typical I’d say.

    Saker, it helps when the SgtMaj, Company 1stSgt, and a PAO officer are all hanging around nearby.

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