Attack! Attack! Attack!

Getting a little beat up the past couple days at the Spartan Training Center. We practice a traditional Japanese battlefield system which has the added benefit of occasionally kicking the crap out of everyone involved.

In the photos we are conducting a drill involving sword vs spear. You’ll note the swordsman is wearing protective gear (bogu) because the spearman will drill him if he can. It’s not only good training but feels great when you really lay one on somebody.

That isn’t to say the spearman doesn’t catch it too. Ideally the swordsman wins the engagement but we don’t give anything away for free.

We also train spear vs spear with bogu on and it sucks. We call this ju shiai or “free engagement”. The difference between ju shiai and sparring or fencing is well, we’re actually trying to kill each other. This work will SMOKE CHECK you. The neural drive and physical stress generated here is far more taxing than any workout I have ever done. By the time the drill is over my breathing is so labored that trying to open my mouth any wider to squeeze in an extra sip of oxygen would dislocate my jaw. My forearms get destroyed the only thing gripping the spear toward the end is personal pride.

Plus getting speared just hurts.
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America’s 1stSgt

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  1. Looks like an awful lot of fun to me. In pictures 4 & 5 you definitively seem to enjoy this.

    @ Gonzo: Thanks from me, very interesting

    btw: No pointed sticks? Why?!?

    ps: I need to watch less Monty Python. 😛

  2. Jim, a nice sentiment. The predatory mindset is just the ticket here.

    Red, fun?

    Gonzo, a rescue swimmer? Well done. I often tell people that if I were not in the Marine Corps I would pick the Coast Guard. Your site has been bookmarked thanks!

    Kanani, the sick part is you can train enough to a point where you don’t get as winded doing it. There are one or two guys I train with just like that. Scary uh?

    Levant, in pictures 4 & 5 I am trying not to blow chow. And the spear is idealized as a pointed stick; doesn’t that count. There is no such thing as too much Monty Python.

  3. CI roller, perhaps but inside 20ft? The bad guy is going to get you before you can draw.

    Akelamalu, yes I rest very, very deeply.

    Coffee, this is the martial tradition some of us train in. The Spartan Training Center also does shooting and whatnot. Besides, guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

    Pax,as to being a guy, I figure I have only one other alternative and don’t find it too appealing.

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