Another movie I am not likely to see…

You may recall my issues concerning Hollywood in the past.
In the news of course is the fast tracking film project Killing Bin Laden. This is being made by some of the same outfit who conjured up The Hurtlocker. It may come as a surprise to some I have never watched The Hurtlocker, Brothers, or Jarhead. One of the reasons is I prefer my science fiction to be labeled as such. Another reason is I am done seeing my profession portrayed as a bunch of deeply flawed, mentally disturbed, sociopathic, gun waving cowboys.
My feelings on the matter were best articulated by my CO recently when his wife asked him why he he had zero interest in watching The Hurtlocker on DVD. His answer: “Why the hell would I want to watch that? Do you think if the Marines made a movie about hippies and communists anyone would want to go see it?”
Semper Fidelis!
America’s 1stSgt
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  1. That clip was hilarious. I would definitely watch a movie made by Marines about hippies.

    Who knows, the hippies might go see it too… they seem kind of oblivious to mockery.

  2. Top, I watched about 15 minutes of the Hurt Locker…and had to shut if off because it was TOTAL CRAP!

    there is no way soldiers would have done stupid stuff they did in that movie in just the first 15 minutes.
    When the “star” of the movie moved into his new room (in Baghdad I think) and took the plywood off the windows to let in fresh air— I almost died laughing. Nobody with half a brain would let the A/C run out the window in 120 degree heat!

  3. Priceless, utterly priceless. I talked to the Gunny who ran the middies up at Berkeley when I was there last. (This was back when I was enlisted.) He was a good guy with a wry sense of humor.

    Before I saw him, I went over to one of his middies and the GUY RAN AWAY FROM ME. I think the student thought I was trying to accost him, when I really only wanted to chat about the Navy. . .

  4. Saker, the clip has been around for a while but never gets old. My favorite bit is where Riggle says: “If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech.” Not only are they oblivious to mockery but logic too.

    CI Roller, I love how everyone goes on about Hurtlocker being a great film depicting the Iraq experience. Everything that happens in the film is complete fantasy. I’ve never had to see it as everyone I know has already picked it apart.

    NavyOne, with all the long hair and lack of a fresh shave Sailors tend to sport I could see why he thought you were a hippie.

  5. “NavyOne, with all the long hair and lack of a fresh shave Sailors tend to sport I could see why he thought you were a hippie.”

    Whoah Shipmate! High and very tight. 2 on top, skinned sides. . .

  6. I saw an article about it in the LA Times. I forgot to read it. Used the paper instead as a tarp so I could finish my varnishing of the oak thresholds.

  7. But at least the Hurtlocker was accurate that first the muzzle flash, then the zip/smack, and finally the report–unlike the average run-of-the-mill Hollywood nonsense.

  8. NavyOne, be careful, someone might think you have military standards or something crazy like that.

    Kanani, no doubt your thresholds will turn out far better than this film does.

    Billy, I’m afraid I never gave it a chance. Everything I heard about traipsing around Iraq in a lone HMMWV and other nonsense which never happened just put a bad taste in my mouth. As far as other Hollywood movies, at least they bill themselves as fictional shoot-em-up adventures vice trying to sell the true “Iraq experience.”

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