America’s SgtMaj Sounds Off On Twitter!

Ok, Twitter does not sound rugged at all. Tweeting just doesn’t conjure up the imagery I prefer.

Much better!

I’ve been told numerous times I should get a Twitter account as my one liners lend themselves to the medium. You can follow me @AmericasSgtMaj . Hopefully I’ll sound off with something worthwhile.  Besides, one liners are way easier than actually trying to write something of substance. Hopefully I’ll have more of that too.

Is it me, or does Twitter normally advise you to follow people you wouldn’t even follow out of a burning building? 

Semper Fidelis!

America’s SgtMaj

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  1. clicked on twitter link. sent me to page with people playing cricket to sign up.

    people on twitter lean towards cricket???

    i’ll pass.

    mark j

  2. Mark, I generally have a low opinion of social media to begin with. It took a couple of years for people to convince me to start blogging. Couple of years later I was talked into Facebook (it’s the devil). And now…

    Mrs. S, give a brother a break here. One social media experiment at a time.

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